Please help me find the dream!

Hi, Everyone, I have wondered for a while how this would play out in the cosmos. Jupiter takes approximately twelve years to orbit the Sun, and Neptune’s orbit is 165 years. Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces. It is the visionary; the future; manifestation. Neptune rules the imagination and the unconscious mind. The two have not paired up in the Mutable Water sign of Pisces since March 17, 1856. Therefore, this is a very rare celestial event indeed! Both planets are very uself in manifesting. Jupiter taps into optimism and opportunity. The beauty of Neptune is that it connects you very easily to your emotions. In order to truly manifest, you have to have belief in hope; but, it is more than just putting something on a vision board. You need to feel the emotions you would feel if you already had that thing, career, situation, or person in your life. Feeling the emotions and believing it to be possible is THE way to manifest. Finding ways to surround yourself with nature and beauty is another. Being grateful for little things in every day life is another huge way that automatically raises the vibe.

Out of all of the signs of the zodiac, Pisces is the most sensitive and vulnerable sign. It is a Mutable Water Sign, which means it is unbounded and unconfined water. Neptune is Lord of the sea, and the floodgates of emotions are pouring everywhere, and they will be pouring much more in the following weeks. Currently, there are three planets transiting in Pisces: Venus, the planet of partnerships, creativity, beauty, possessions, money, and love; Jupiter, the planet of abundance, belief systems, hope, opportunity, and good fortune; Neptune, the planet of spirituality, inspiration, magic, miracles, delusion, deception, and deceit. With Jupiter and Neptune forming a partnership that happens less than once in a lifetime, but one which we will all experience on the collective, you can imagine that there is a quite a cosmic tea party happening right about now. You can let your unconscious fears get the best of you and take a bite of the angel fear cake The other option is that you can sip on my favorie concoction: Calm ‘n Bliss and dream of how love heals the world.

Two years after the pandemic really reached its height and lockdown, we are all still reconciling the mental health aspects, the isolation, the loss, and the unknown. Now, we are up against hate and oppression. One one hand, the New Age of Aquarius involves a lot of chaos and unpredictability. Its ability to innovate new industries and create new communities is still very powerful and is in effect through March 7, 2023 when Saturn, the cosmic taskmaster, exits the fixed Air sign of Aquarius. However, in 2021, both Saturn and Uranus fought three times in the sky: February 14, 2021, June 14, 2021, and December 25, 2021. This brought a lot of difficulty in trying to contain and structure and inventiveness and inovation. This brought much more inconsistencies in technology and in moving ahead in the big picture.

Currently, Saturn and Mars are transiting in Aquarius, and this can feel like driving with the brakes on and feeling like you are not going very far. Saturn represents delays, responsibility, and restrictions. Mars represents passion, drive, and willpower. There were recently a lot of planets transiting in Aquarius — including Venus and Mars working in unity. Although things are difficult, it is pushing you to fight for what you love, what you value, and that which you wish to create. Jupiter and Neptune are so different in energy than the Mars/Saturn combination. When Mars and Saturn work together, it is like working on an emtpy stomach with ten cups of dull, watery coffee on a computer that keeps shutting down. When Jupiter and Neptune collaborate on a new dream, this is a whole other animal. This is a time of infinite possibility. This is not driving your grandma’s jalopy and feeling uninspired about where to go or what to do and wondering if you have enough money for gas. This is jumping into a ferrari without even having a licence! Just kidding — don’t try that at home! 🙂

This is a time where you want to try to focus on what it is you want in your life. Is it it love? Is it learning a new subject or advancing your degree? Is it is moving to your dream home? Is it starting your business? It also can represent a lot of little things that have mass impact. Finding time to exercise four hours a week. Finding balance to work on the things you need to achieve but also finding enough time to enjoy little things that pass quickly in life. Now is a time to journal your fears, your daydreams, your nightmares — whatever that comes up for you, so that you can attract something BIG that you wish to magnetize into your life. With this historical combination, list a few things that really matter to you and that you want to initiate in your life. With Saturn and Mars traveling together in the Fixed Air Sign of Aquarius, it is about taking action and doing hard work through intellectual pursuits. It emphasizes the benefits of networking through social media in order to bring to form some of these dreams that you wish to magnetize into your life. It is about building and contributing to the community and forming significant social connections.

Jupiter and Neptune are already combined, but they become exactly conjunct on April 12, 2022 at 10:42 am EDT when they meet up at 23 degrees and 59 minutes of the Mutable Water Sign of Pisces. This is an amazing new relationship. This is a new dream. The Neptunian energy looms large for the rest of the month, so try to be mindful in how you are taking steps to clear space for dreams that bright to your world. This is a time of connecting to the divine collective.

Pisces emphasizes the fact that we are all connected souls. Aquarius emphasizes that we need social connection. I think the combination shows that we need to dream together to heal a traumatized world. It is Aries season, which is when the sun transits in the Cardinal fire sign of Aries and is a time to take action to initiate new things in your life!

Mars, the planet of action and passion, enters the Mutable Water Sign of Pisces on Apil 14, 2022 at 11:06 pm EDT and transits there through May 24, 2022. Juno, the asteroid that represents partnering, also enters Pisces on April 20, 2022 where it will transit through January 12, 2023.

By April 20, 2022, there will be five points transiting in the sign of dreams. This a time to focus on magic, healing, and love. This is a time of beauty. For those that are prone to depression, this is a time where you could feel a bit uncentered or scattered. Use all of this magical energy to focus on healing.

Jupiter and Venus are both in beautiful placements. Jupiter is in its dignity by ancient Astrology, and Venus is in its exaltation. The two benefics add healing magic to the sky! Time to dive into your dreams. Jupiter and Neptune bring unique possibility. A creative renaissance is at your fingertips. Healing the world through meditation and unconditional love is also possible as souls converge in pure intention.