¬†Full Moon in Aquarius: It’s electric!

Hi, Everyone,

It is hard to sit still with the electric pulse of the planets in celestial disarray. It this discord, or is it simply a cosmic catapult to propel you ahead? There is ample opportunity to embrace change, chaos, and enlightenment.

Expect a lot of wild events, insights, and anxiety as you navigate this highly significant week. We are building up to up a very powerful Full Moon in Aquarius. This Full Moon represents so many things. It represents the feeling of stagnation, as it is conjunct Saturn, the planet of limitations and restrictions. It also represents freedom, as it sets of Uranus, the planet of freedom and invention.

This energy can make you feel like you need to get your head checked, and that is okay! To begin with, mental heal checks are always good. Secondly, this may make you feel a little more bonkers than usual. That is also okay!

Your mind is like an elevator, in which every floor represents a different emotion. Have you ever been on one of those elevators that misses your floor and goes to random ones instead? If not, you are now! You will find your emotions and your thoughts racing in various places — often at once. Take a ride and go with it if you can!

Let me try to break down the energy to the best of my ability. I write this today with focus on everything, but what matters. My thoughts dart around without any aim, and I can feel the electric Uranian energy running through my veins. My cat Billy sleeps peacefully on his anxiety pillow, which is right next to my computer on my desk. Perhaps when I am done, we can all sleep peacefully on our anxiety pillows. If not, then at least I have tried!

To begin with, we experienced a very unusual pairing of Uranus, The North Node, and Mars. On July 31, 2022, Uranus met up with the North Node of Karma, which represents our collective destiny. Uranus is the planet of chaos, brilliance, ingenuity, and change. It is the modern ruler of the Fixed Air Sign of Aquarius.

Uranus represents the future, and it can bring huge breakthroughs. You simply have to try to endure the disruption and the changes that come in a flash, which can often feel uncomfortable. Get out your comfort zone, and magic can occur!

Uranus takes approximately 84 years to orbit. The last time it met up with the Nodes in the Taurus/Scorpio axis was when it met up with the South Node in Taurus in 1939. This does not happen very frequently. Uranus breaks you free from your usual routines, and it can make you see things in a whole other way.

The sign of Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign that is ruled by the planet Venus. Taurus represents mother earth, creativity, and resources. How can you break free from old patterns to embrace future change, which is of value to you? What do you need to see that can bring much needed change so that you can thrive in your invention?

Mars, the planet of action, drive, passion, and rage, met up with The North Node and Uranus on August 1, 2022 and ramped things up several notches. Uranus can raise your anxiety. If you feel like your heart is racing, and you took a shot of Adrenalin, it is not surprising. If you feel like you are doing several things at once and under the gun, that is also not surprising. Some things may fall through, and some will happen in an instant.

This is a Full Moon that is one of the biggest of the year from my vantage. It meets up with Saturn, sets off the Nodes of Fate, and sets off the North Node/Uranus/Mars explosion. There is a whole lot of karma, change, and surprise in everyone’s mailbox this week.

To begin with, the Full Moon occurs on August 11, 2022 at 9:36 pm EDT at 19 degrees and 21 minutes of the Fixed Air Sign of Aquarius. This is the final Full Moon in Aquarius to occur during the New Age of Aquarius. Saturn, the planet of Karma, authority, lessons, restrictions, and boundaries, initially entered the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius from March 23, 2020 through July 1, 2020.

Saturn returned to the sign of Aquarius on December 17, 2020 and met up with Jupiter, the planet of vision, on December 20, 2020. The two planets met up at 0 degrees of Aquarius and inaugurated the New Age of Aquarius. Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius, and Uranus is the modern. Saturn represents structure; Uranus represents mayhem. The two clash and collide when they hang out, and they were in conflict on and off throughout 2021.

On August 9, 2022, Venus, the planet of love, money, and what you value, opposed Pluto, the planet of death and elimination. For some this represents a major ending, beginning, or turning point. Purging what keeps you from happiness and creating something of meaning in your life. For some, there are emotional endings and goodbyes this week.

August 11, 2022 is jam-packed with cosmic activity. The Sun forms a challenging square to Uranus, the ruler of this Full Moon in Aquarius, and the planet of surprise. You feel the effects of Uranus before it becomes exact, and it has been building up since the beginning of the week. Who needs espresso when Uranus is waking you up left and right? Perhaps you will need an extra shot to keep even more alert. This is a week in which you want to pay attention!

Venus, which rules the stellium of points in the Fixed Earth Sign of Taurus — most importantly Uranus and the North Node of Karma — changes signs and enters the Fixed Fire sign of Leo at 2:30 pm EDT. Venus transits in Leo through September 5, 2022, and this is a romantic, fun, and creative placement for Venus! Mars forms a helpful aspect to Neptune, planet of dreams, at 5:44 pm EDT. This helps to bring creative solutions to problems, and it encourages spiritual practice and meditation.

The Full Moon triggers so many points that it is remarkable. The Full Moon occurs at 9:36 pm EDT at 19 degrees and 21 minutes of Aquarius. It is conjunct Saturn, the planet of limits, which is currently at 22 degrees of Aquarius. The Moon and Saturn both square the Nodes of Fate in Taurus and Scorpio, and this is a Full Moon that wants you to face the truth.

Are you growing something of value and moving towards something you love, as the North Node in Taurus wants you to do? Are you releasing the negative shackles of doubt, fear, debt, and loss that the South Node in Scorpio demands you do? There is nothing wrong with acknowledging the pain in such a sad time. However, how can you take care of yourself and ensure security with the North Node in Taurus?

The judgement card is in the background and wants you to take full accountability of how well you have done thus far in the Aquarian journey. Uranus is still conjunct the North Node and wants you to have breakthroughs, revelations, and Nirvana.

A friend of mine described all of this as a kaleidoscope of ever-changing variations of challenges and opportunities. That is a far more eloquent description than I could weave, and I think it is a great way to view this time in history and this summer with such strong Uranian themes of out-of-the-blue opportunity, explosions, earthquakes, and genius!

We all know it is chaotic. You do not need to turn on the news or look at your horoscope to tell you that. However, how can you find the magic and let yourself be open to being in the right place at the right time?

This Full Moon in Aquarius traces where Saturn has been since early March of this year when it reached 19 degrees of the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius. It will exceed that degree in early December and is currently retrograde. How do you bring to form all that you have been trying to build since the late winter/early Spring of this year?

The Full Moon forms what is known as Fixed Rectangle, in which four points square one another. The Moon and Saturn are in Aquarius. They both underscore the challenges of freedom and security in this volatile age. They set of the Nodes of fate and bring very fated events, challenges, and decisions on the collective.

Uranus, the planet of chaos, is still within a degree of the North Node and is setting of this Full Moon in Aquarius, of which Uranus is the modern ruler. The Sun opposes the Moon and Saturn and sets of the Nodes of Fate. Rectangles take t-squares to a whole other level, and they propel change.

With four points in Fixed signs, this represents fixed change, and it can be hard to get moving. Once you do, your life could change forever. Maybe you achieve Nirvana? Maybe you can enjoy the beauty of a summer day without fear for once in a long time? This is a time to act on your feet and embrace taking chances. Uranus wants you break free!