The New Moon in Leo: A moon of surprise!

Hi Everyone, 

What a shift in energy since the end of July! Jupiter, which is the planet of higher wisdom, beliefs, hope, travel, learning, and empirical experience, exited the sign of Pisces on July 28, 2021 and re-entered the fixed air sign of Aquarius. Jupiter briefly took a dip into Neptune’s deep blue seas beginning on May 13, 2021 and was there until July 28th. Jupiter rules Pisces in Ancient astrology and is very creative, inspired, compassionate, and intuitive while in the mutable water sign of Pisces. Since I have been studying Astrology, I do not recall having ever seen Jupiter zip through an entire sign and briefly dip into the following sign for a few months. It is quite wild because Saturn and Jupiter formed what is known as a great conjunction when the two met up at 0 degrees of Aquarius on the Winter Solstice of 2020. This is the very first degree of Aquarius, and this is the closest that Saturn and Jupiter have been in over eight hundred years. This breaks all structures and old ways of doing things. This begins a time where you strive to be your unique self without losing sight of those around you in the collective.

Jupiter and Saturn meet up every twenty years and form what is known as a great conjunction. This great conjunction inaugurated the New Age of Aquarius, where we all construct and expand through connection, unity, innovation, unpredictability, chaos, revolt, technology, and futuristic thinking. This is an intellectual amusement park, where you can really thrive if you can take the ride and hold on for the rush and soar with the excitement. Aquarius when they met up together at 0 degrees of Aquarius on the Winter Solstice. The beginning of August emphasizes the Uranian energy. Jupiter now transits through Aquarius until December 29, 2021, when it re-enter the sign of Pisces. In the interim, we all expand through building community, elevating our consciousness, learning, and embracing new change. As we began the month of August, Mercury, the planet of thinking, opposed Saturn, the planet of limits. This is a reality check further emphasized by the Sun opposing Saturn the following day. How do you build within your limits to embrace the magic of the mind? The answer is just that: embrace the magic of the mind. You just have to work hard to keep steady in the chaos. That is the theme for the month!

Mercury proceeded to square Uranus, the planet of chaos and modern ruler of Aquarius, on August 3, 2021. This can bring unexpected news and events; as well as out-of-the-blue opportunities. Venus, the planet of partnerships and money, formed a beautiful trine to Uranus on the very same day and lends creative flair and invention to this week. The Sun squares Uranus on August 6, 2021 and sets of where Mercury was earlier in the week. Time to learn and think on your feet because the pace is very fast in the Age of Aquarius. Expect the unexpected, but think of it as an experiment of combining the Fool, the Magician, and the Tower card. The fool has a sense of anticipation and different routes you can take. The magician encourages you to use your intellect, your ability to manifest wishes, and is very inventive. The Tower is disruptive, but it wakes you up, and you know you need it! Sometimes, disruptive change can help you to build skills and accomplish great things that you never dreamt possible.

There is chaos and unpredictability, and it is not all easy. This energy can raise your anxiety like four cups of cappuccino in a single sip, but it wakes you up if you need to get a lot of work done. Uranus’ energy is so strong this month. Jupiter is back in the late degrees of Aquarius emphasizing what the first four and a half months meant for all of us, and we can revise what we have learned thus far. That is big opportunity in all of this. Uranus, the planet of revolt and ingenuity, stations retrograde later in the month on August 19, 2021 at 14 degrees of the fixed earth sign of Taurus. You feel the energy of the planet five days before and five days after, and it exaggerates all of the qualities of Uranus. A lot of twists and turns; a lot of change; a lot of revelations. Saturn and Uranus have been clashing since February of this year when they first squared one another on February 17, 2021 at seven degrees of the fixed signs of Aquarius and Taurus. Aquarius is one of few signs that has two rulers. Saturn is the Ancient ruler, and Uranus is the modern ruler. Saturn represents boundaries, and Uranus represents upheaval. This enhances this New Age of Aquarius for all of us in that we have to work really hard in the turbulence and within unpredictable times.

I cast the chart for Washington D.C., and the New Moon chart has Virgo rising with Mercury conjunct The New Moon in Leo. The New Moon occurs in the eleventh house of community, connection, wishes, technology, the internet and social media. That is the Aquarius house in Astrology, as Aquarius is the eleventh sign. This New Moon forms a wide opposition to Saturn in Aquarius and a square to Uranus, the planet of the unexpected. This new moon has great potential, but it can also feel like playing pinball in the brain. You may have great ideas, but there are other times where it is difficult to sit still and focus. This month is a good time for finding some way to reach meditation. You can chant, meditate, go for a walk, relax in nature, sing, dance, or do whatever it is that quells your nerves and brings you clarity. This New Moon can help you connect with others and break free from relationships and situations that hold you back. Leo rules the heart, and Aquarius rules the collective. Tend to your own needs and heart’s desire, but do not forget others as we rebuild. There is a second full moon in Aquarius that occurs on August 22, 2021 at the final degree of Aquarius, which is 29 degrees and where Jupiter is currently transiting. If you are currently reassessing how you can learn, teach, promote yourself, and tap into hopeful change, your efforts could come to fruition in a few weeks when the Full moon in Aquarius will be conjunct Jupiter, the Grand benefic and planet of good fortune. Now is the time to reassess how you can finetune and expand your vision to greater heights. Jupiter stations direct on October 18, 2021 at 22 degrees of Aquarius.

The New Moon in Leo is a great time to do write down your intentions and do the Law of Abundance. Take a blank check and date it for August 8, 2021. Where it says, “Pay to the order of, print your full name. Where you normally print the dollar amount, write, “Paid in Full.” Where you normally sign your name at the bottom of the check, sign, “The Law of Abundance.

Take time to clear the space beforehand. Burn sage or palo santo, get rid of clutter, and quiet your thoughts. If you have some lemons, cut them up in four sections and sprinkle them with salt to eliminate fear and negativity. You can keep them in a bowl near you to clear any darkness you feel surrounds you. Another fun trick is to sprinkle a little cinnamon outside of your door to bring abundance. I wish you good health, luck, and fortune!