Full Moon in Pisces: If you believe in magic!

Wow! That is really all I can say. I think this summer of Eclipses and retrogrades has rendered me unable to talk! While that is not quite true, there are stories I have heard that have certainly left me speechless, and I cannot say I am sorry to have this summer end.

Up until last weekend, there were seven planets retrograde, and this can be so difficult to get things done and move forward with your plans. Not only that, but I feel it dug up and brought up some very painful karmic truths for people. It is necessary to face these truths in order to heal.

However, it can really hurt sitting with these truths and confronting them. Some have been tempted to engage in old destructive patterns or have fallen back in self destruction. A lot of change, loss, endings, and a lot of moves! Some good beginnings, too, but this middle Eclipse was very difficult. Normally we experience two Eclipses every six months. This summer, we experienced three Eclipses during a period of seven planets retrograde, which diminishes the energy of all of these planets. It makes life pretty tough!

Mercury, the planet of communication, stationed direct on August 19, 2018 at 11 degrees of the fixed fire sign of Leo, which rules the heart path. Now that Mercury is direct, it is time to focus on and speak from your heart, as the Eclipses in Leo are now done for another nine years. The North Node of Destiny leaves the sign of Leo on November 6, 2018; therefore, focus on what makes your heart joyful. This summer has had a lot of prep time to help you re-calibrate your life.

Today is August 25, 2018, and there is a creative, brilliant structuring, and materializing Grand Trine in Earth. Use this this energy to harness your flashes of brilliance, your hard work, and your ambitions. This Grand Trine forms an equilateral triangle involving The Sun is in the mutable Earth sign of Virgo, where it likes to work hard and serve; Saturn, the planet of structure and responsibility; Uranus, the planet of brilliance, chaos, and messages from the Universe. This has been a summer of so many twists and turns for all of us individually and on the world stage. This is a lucky triangle in the sky involving planets, which help to stabilize our ambitions and work.

On August 26, 2018, there is a Full Moon in the mutable water sign of Pisces, which occurs at 3 degrees of Pisces at 7:56 AM ET. Pisces is a very mystical, healing, and spiritual sign. This officially marks the end and release of Eclipse season, which has had so many of us uprooted and upended. Now is the time to cry, release, and let go of this heavy summer. This summer was not in vain, and lessons can be painful. But, it is time to tap into the magic of this beautiful Full Moon in Pisces, which has the Earth Grand Trine bringing us luck and abundance. Pisces represents dreams. What are you dreams? The Earth trine can make it real.

Jupiter in Scorpio is still forming a beautiful trine to Neptune in Pisces, and this is very sensitive energy. Trines are always easy and lucky energy, but Jupiter and Neptune together can expand the need to tune out — particularly with the Moon in Pisces. If you are prone to addiction or escapism, ground yourself this weekend and do healing rituals and engage in healthy and creative escapism.

I think of that story a few weeks ago where there were several overdoses within hours in a park in Connecticut. That is the lower form of Jupiter in Scorpio trining Neptune, which can be extreme escape. Pisces rules poetry, music, praying, chanting, film, singing, and so many other creative endeavors and creative arts. Go to the ocean, put your crystals out in the moonlight, dance, and sing! Release, release, release. Time to dream!

The other factor in all of this is that the second personal planet is about to station direct: Mars, the planet of war, ambition, sexuality, rage, war, fire, motors, violence, action, and initiative. Mars stations direct at 28 degrees of the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn on August 27, 2018 at 10:05 AM ET. We feel the strongly right as it stations, and Mars is still currently out-of-bounds, which means it does not play by the rules, and it is emphasized incredibly now.

Be patient, be more cautious outside, and keep calm. Mars is very aggressive energy. However, it is a good thing it stations direct, as it has been retrograde since June 26, 2018 and is how we get our energy and get things done. Mars only stations retrograde once very two years. This helps a lot to propel us ahead. Saturn stations direct in Capricorn on September 7, 2018, and we will then have three planets direct, and things will not feel as backwards as it has.

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