Full Moon in Cancer: Searching for something

HI, Everyone,

The year has only just begun; yet, this upcoming week, the planets will be dancing and fighting in different aisles. Mercury, the planet of communication, retrograded on January 14, 2022 at 6:41 pm EST at 10 degrees and 20 minutes of Aquarius. This is the first Mercury retrograde of 2022, and it is perfect timing to reconsider your path, choices, and actions to propel forward in an unpredictable time.

Mercury retrograded with a square to Uranus, the planet of surprise, which was almost exact! When Mercury and Uranus clash, thunderbolts of information can dispel the myths. You can hear something completely out-of-the-blue that brings complete change. Big breaks of information, explosions, earthquakes, and utter chaos. This aspect can be cause HUGE surprises, shocks, and news. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, and it is the higher octave of Mercury.

Uranus represents chaos, mayhem, and genius. When the two clash in the sky, it can be explosive, and people’s tempers can soar. The upside is that the brainstorming and flashes of insight could be off of the charts.

When Mercury retrogrades, it is a time to back up your electronics, reassess things, return to projects that are not finished, and realize that communication can be compromised. People from the past can return — especially when Venus, the planet of relationships, is also retrograde.

Mercury retrograded within a few degrees of where Saturn reached in 2021. Saturn initially entered Aquarius in March of 2020 and later had a very special encounter with Jupiter, the planet of vision and expansion, on December 20, 2020. Saturn and Jupiter met up on the Winter Solstice to begin the New Age of Aquarius. The New Age of Aquarius is a time in which infinite possibility is accessible through thinking in alternative ways, communing with others, and making peace with technology.

This is undoubtedly a Digital Revolution, which can facilitate businesses and individuals to rebuild their livelihood and earn money in ingenious new ways. The challenge is to find and keep some humanity in the technology if such a thing were even possible. This is Saturn Return of the Internet, which arrived in August 6, 1991 when Saturn was last in Aquarius. The Internet went public in 1994 when Saturn was transiting at the last degree of Aquarius, and sites like Yahoo began.

With the first Saturn return of the Internet, it is time to reconsider what it has done to people’s mental health, interpersonal skills, ego strength, and need for validation.

Mercury stationed retrograde minus with a few degrees of where Saturn reached in 2021 when it retrograded on May 23, 2021 at 13 degrees of Aquarius. This is opportune for you to reconsider the choices you made in 2021 towards you goals. It allows you the chance to revise and reconstruct an even better vision.

The energy at present is quite chaotic. No way around that. While Mercury stations retrograde, it is only a few days before the Uranus station. When an outer planet stations direct or retrograde, you feel the energy five days before and five days afterwards. The qualities of the planet become highlighted. Uranus is the planet of individuality, uniqueness, inspiration, inventiveness, anarchy, pandemonium, and bedlam.

With the Uranus station, it can make your mind ramble in many different directions, and it is very difficult to focus. Uranus stations retrograde on January 18, 2022 at 10:27 am EST at 10 degrees and 49 minutes of the fixed Earth sign of Taurus. This is a big time where you need to center yourself. This Mercury retrograde is an interesting one because of its initial square to Uranus, which challenges the question as to how you use your intellect to create new castles in the sky.

The other part is that Mercury will re-enter the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn on January 25, 2022 and stations direct on February 3, 2022 at 24 degrees and 22 minutes of Capricorn. This Mercury retrograde encompasses the energy of the New Age of Aquarius, and it also is an opportunity to readdress the Epoch of Capricorn, which really was so painful.

Saturn and Pluto met up at the world point at 22 degrees of Capricorn on January 12, 2020 and changed the world forever. Mass loss occurred and continues to occur until the technology and communal efforts help us to heal. Mercury will get close to the world point in Capricorn and also revisits the first year of the pandemic and revisits where Pluto, the cosmic compost, has been transiting in the past few years.

Add to that fact that Venus, the planet of partnerships, love, money, value, and possessions, retrograded on December 19, 2022 at 26 degrees of Capricorn, where Pluto had stationed retrograde in April of 2021, and where Saturn was transiting on and off from March 4, 2020 until November 4, 2020. Unfortunately, there is a huge spike in the virus, and the world is seeing more shutdowns again. It feels like hints of March of 2020.

Saturn is now transiting in the brilliant and futuristic sign of Aquarius, and Jupiter was there up until December 29, 2021, when it entered the mutable water sign of Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces is much needed water in the sky. It lends empathy, compassion, and creative sparks of magic. Jupiter loves being in Pisces and helps you to expand through your imagination and dreams. Saturn in Aquarius has and will make leaps and bounds in business and medicine; but, there is the chaos and unpredictability that is also inherent in this journey.

Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius, and Uranus is the modern. Saturn and Uranus fought in the sky three times in 2021, and this made the Aquarian age even more difficult to anchor and structure. They will spar again in October, and the mayhem will still be part of the ride. You better tip your driver.

One of the big key points to hold on to is connecting to your spiritual and creative self in some form in this time. The sign of Aquarius rules Astrology, numerology, and metaphysics. It also rules advances in technology, science, electronics, and air travel. It can make you feel like you are dealing with the mad scientist, who is very nervous — rushing around with a twitch.

Aquarius can be anxious, nervous, and emotionally detached. With Jupiter in Pisces, have a cup of sympathy. Have a few. It is much needed. We need the water, and we’re going to get it!

There is more to explore, as there is a Full Moon on the day before the Uranus station, and the Nodes of Fate change signs on the day of the Uranus station! The Full moon occurs on January 17, 2022 at 6:48 pm EST at 27 degrees and 51 minutes of the Cardinal water sign of Cancer. The moon rules the Water sign of Cancer and is in its rulership. A lot of heavy emotions flow when the Moon is in Cancer! The sign of Cancer is very nurturing and is a very sensitive water sign. The moon centers on home, family, and security.

This Full Moon occurs within the two stations of Mercury and Uranus, where chaos is flying faster off of the shelves faster than toilet paper did in 2020. You need to ground. You need to center. This Full Moon in Cancer wants security. It wants to feel safe. The day before the Full Moon, The Sun in Capricorn meets up with Pluto, the planet of death and regeneration. Time to purge the old. Time to eliminate.

There are major endings and shifts in store in this next week. This is the first full moon of the year, and it forms a Cardinal T-Square with Pluto, the planet of death, power, and transformation; as well as Eris, the goddess of discord, who is also the sister of Mars. She does not suffer fools gladly, and she is willing to fight in a flash.

The Nodes of fate are currently transiting at 0 degrees of the mutable signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. Mercury rules the mutable air sign of Gemini, which rules the North Node before it exits the sign of Gemini. Reexamine your path as you begin a new one. The North enters the fixed earth sign of Taurus on January 18, 2022 at 1:50 pm EST, where it will transit through July 17, 2023. The South transits in the fixed water sign of Scorpio. A lot of emphasis on the banking system, currencies, new ways of earning income, agriculture, nature, plant based medicine, the marijuana industry, debt, loss, mourning, intimacy, healing, and transformation.

In the next few days, expect the unexpected. Pay attention to any insights you may get. Do rituals to quell your nerves — whether it is chanting, meditating, going for nature walks, riding your bike, listening to music, or journaling.

The Full Moon has a beautiful trine to Neptune in Pisces, and this an excellent aspect for manifesting your dreams and intentions. Get a Clear Quartz point or stone and ask for guidance. Do not keep it by your bedside, as that can amplify your emotions and really charge you up so that it is hard to sleep.

You could also keep purple amethyst or rose quartz by your bedside for protection and loving energy around you. Keep a journal by your bed as well. If you have a vivid dream, write it down as soon as you wake up and pay close attention to your dreams, guides, and messages this year with Jupiter transiting in the sign of the unconscious mind.

Cleanse and charge your crystals in the Full moon light. Hold them under running water or put them in salt water for a few minutes and think of what you wish to release. Eliminate the fear and negativity stored in the stones. Do not put selenite, kyanite, halite, or malachite in the water. You can also cleanse your space and your stones by burning palo santo or sage.

The Full Moon in Cancer is a time to seek comfort, nourishment, and joy at home. It is an excellent time of de cluttering to make space for the new. Another great tip for getting rid of negative energy with the Full Moon is to take a bowl and fill it up with salt. You can keep it on your desk or in an area where you work and spend a lot of time. This is a great natural detox. Get ready in the next few days for a lot of interesting news, high anxiety, and vivid dreams!