New Moon in Leo: If only it were that simple

Hi, Everyone,

As I struggle like a fool to find words to describe what we are all experiencing, I can tell you that there is a very difficult route ahead.  I do not wish to practice ominous Astrology.  It does not sound very much fun, now does it?  It does not sound like much of a draw either.  Please check in with the Debbie Downer of Astrology.  Her reports a must, and she’ll always make you smile! Dnn Dnn!

It becomes difficult to connect the cacophonous noise that the cosmic band keeps on playing!  I have to be honest and say that just as I fear the Pluto Return of the United States, this Uranus/North Node/Mars alignment has me feeling a tidal wave of emotions, fear and anxiety that I know I CAN and MUST transmute; but, in panic, bad choices get mad.  Very bad choices. Lack of impulse can be terrifying. 

The energy of this week can feel like a roller coaster ride that transitions into a horror film where the ride never ends but keeps plunging downwards with unsteady handles.  Uranus brings fast, sudden change.  Uranus cycles can really rattle you up so that you wake up and see things.  

There are destined options out there right now that could change your career in a flash, your life path, and bring huge awakening on the collective.  The North Node is transiting in the Fixed Earth Sign of Taurus, which is ruled by the benefic Venus: The planet of value, love, happiness, kindness, and creativity.  The North Node in Taurus wants you to grow and nourish something of meaning to you that brings you happiness and and adds value to your life.  Something that is beautiful to you.  

I will dive in more to the rare alignment of Uranus, The North Node of Karma, and Mars in Taurus, but it is important to address the New Moon that in Leo that occurs today on the very same day of the Jupiter station! 

The New Moon in Leo occurs on July 28, 2022 at 1:55 pm EDT at 5 Degrees and 38 Minutes of the Fixed Fire Sign of Leo.  The Sun is in its dignity while in Leo.  It absolutely shines and thrives here!  I cast the chart for the United States.  The chart has Scorpio Rising with the Midheaven, which is the angle of public status and world image at the world axis at 15 Degrees of the Fixed Fire Sign of Leo.  Big energy on the public level, which can be very creative.  Big energy around entertainment while in the highly creative sign of Leo.  Mars is at the world axis at 15 Degrees of the Fixed Earth Sign of Taurus and is setting off the Leo Midheaven, so there could be sudden news with celebrities and people on world stage that could be startling and perhaps jarring.  

This also has a thrust for all of us to partner with being creative however that translates for any of us. Leo is the most creative of the Fire signs.  Mars at the world point in the most creative of the Earth Signs, which is Taurus as it is ruled by Venus.  Remember that the Sun loves being in Leo, and this is a time to tap within your inner muse and find ways to make your heart happy.  I like saying within rather than into because it is already there.  You already have it, but you may be afraid to let it shine through!  

I actually feel that the planets are aligning to remind us that if you do not take risks for that which you value, and it does not feel scary, you really never have lived.  This alignment speaks to passion.  The New Moon in Leo is fun, romantic, creative, and childlike.  Chiron, the wounded Healers, retrograded last week in Aries and really set off the sadness and anger that all of us have in some sort of assortment. 

There is nothing wrong with having a little anger or resentment at times as long as it does not consume.  The energy of Aries reminds you that sometimes getting charged up makes you get things done and fight for yourself!  That is a beautiful thing, as long as it does come with cruelty or malintentions.  Now is the time to be the wounded warrior, who takes risks to innovate a new reality.  Eris, the Goddess of Discord, also retrograded in Aries last week. She is the warrior feminine, who does not mind getting dirty in a brawl if she has to protect herself!  

The New Moon is a time to set intentions and planet new seeds. It is also an excellent time to do the Law of Abundance.  This New Moon forms a beautiful trine, which is a lucky and mellow flow of energy to Jupiter, the Grand Benefic.  Jupiter is another big star of the week, as it retrogrades today at 4:37 pm EDT at 8 Degrees and 43 Minute of the Cardinal Fire Sign of Aries.  There is so much fiery Aries energy in the sky, which can trigger a lot of impulsiveness, anger, and rage.  You feel the buildup five days before and five days after an outer planet stations, and it intensifies and imbues the qualities of that planet.  Jupiter is the great exaggerator.  

This Jupiter station adds to the passion of this New Moon!  There is a lot of volatility and big karmic breakthroughs, shocks, and surprises for all right now on the collective. Yes, this New moon reminds you to find happiness and love in a time where love prevails in a very angry and wounded world.  There is still much joy and so much we can create together.  Use this New Moon to focus on what you want to manifest to heal your heart and bring fun again.  Remember that word!

As for the even bigger newstopper of the week, Uranus and the North Node of Karma are bringing a huge collective shift of consciousness, as Uranus rules the community. Uranus rules collective consciousness and wants us to progress as a society.  Uranus takes approximately 84 years to transit, and the last time it met up with the Node in Taurus was when it met up with the South Node of Karma in January of 1939. 

That was the year that Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939 and officially began World War II.  On that date, Saturn was conjunct the South Node of Karma in Taurus, and Pluto, the planet of death, was squaring both points.  It is important to note that Juptiter was in Aries at that time, as it is now and was only within two degrees of where Jupiter is today in its station when the war began.  

I think for each of us individually, we have to embrace courage, passion, and take risks in an uncertain world.  I think it is important to be conscious that there are a lot of aspects of combat and war.  Mars, the planet of war, passion, and ammunition, sets off this rare alignment or Uranus and the Nodes of fate.  This can be an aspect of violence. At present, there is the cruel and barbaric war with Russia and the Ukraine; while Kim Jong Un just threatened that he could easily use nuclear weapons against the United States.  Again, it is important to realize that there is a heightened and volatile energy that is ubiquitous. It can be exciting and thrilling.  It can also be terrifying.  Aries is a sign that can take risks.  Uranus thrives on risks, and Jupiter is expanding the instability of all of this.

This is a time to come together to raise the vibration through love, communal chants, song, prayer, love, and whatever that is you to help raise the collective as we scramble to keep centered.  If you are able to meditate during this maelstrom of events, I encourage you to chant, sing, burn sage or palo santo, shake a morocco, plant some seeds, or do anything it is to cleanse the energy and raise it with creativity, love, and beauty!  

The New Moon is an excellent day to do the Law of Abundance. Date the check for July 28, 2022. Where it says, Pay to the Order of,” print your full name. On the following line, where you normally print the dollar amount, print, “Paid in Full.” At the bottom of the check, print, “The Law of Abundance. If you wish to put a goal in the memo, do so. Do not lose your heart’s joy in this whirlwind!