New Moon in Taurus: Manifesting a whole new reality.

This is the most pivotal week of the entire year! I have been waiting to see how this week and the Month of May would unfold for several months now. When I noticed that the New Moon fell in Taurus on the very same day that Uranus changed signs and entered the sign of Taurus, it was in mid January. I was in Venice Beach seeing clients, and I booked my return trip for mid May that very night.

I wanted to be in a vibrant, lively, sometimes chaotic, and beautiful place to celebrate the most special and fertile New Moons of the year. I wanted to be near the ocean, which is my therapy. I wanted to be near the artists,the writers, the misfits, the musicians, and the people like me.

The New Moon is always a time to initiate new projects and begin new things; but, this is especially true with the New Moon in Taurus, which is exalted and in one top placements of the moon. The moon in Taurus is ruled by Venus, which rules creativity, beauty, the earth, jewels and gems, art, and music. 

This New Moon in Taurus is so powerful because it occurs only a few hours before Uranus enters Taurus for the first time in 84 years, which is a major deal! The new moon sets off the Ingress of Uranus into Taurus with a big bang. The New Moon in Taurus occurs on May 15, 2018 at 7:48 AM EDT at 24 degrees of Taurus.

This is a highly manifesting New Moon, which can materialize your dreams and intentions and bring them to physical form. The New Moon forms an expansive opposition to Jupiter, the luckiest planet, in the sign of Scorpio. This expands and augments the New Moon energy, as well as the heightened unpredictable energy with Uranus changing signs.

The New Moon falls in the 12th house of dreams and intuition, and it forms a positive influence to Neptune, the planet of dreams, which helps to manifest our intentions even further. This is a New Moon you do not want to waste. Find time to take some time for yourself and go to a place that you find beautiful — preferably surrounded by nature, trees, water — something to do with the earth. Take time to meditate and feel your intentions and write them down. If you can, write your intentions on a piece of paper and bury the paper into the earth or into plant soil.

Uranus enters 0 degrees of the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus on May 15, 2018 at 11:16 AM EDT and remains in Taurus through November 7, 2018 when it re-enters the final degrees of the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries. Uranus re-enters Taurus on March 7, 2019 it will transit through April 27, 2026.

Uranus entering Taurus changes the playing field for all of us. I have been talking a lot recently about Uranus in Aries as the era of Selfies. There seemed to be much more of a focus on reality television, selfies, and focus on self. Uranus in Aries is very enterprising, and a lot more people started to work for themselves, and it enabled people to build their businesses via Social Media, which is also ruled by the planet Uranus.

Uranus rules ingenuity, chaos, disruption, rebellion, surprise, the unexpected, the future, youth, and explosions. Uranus is the iconoclast of the zodiac, who does things his or her way. Now that Uranus is in Taurus, the focus is going to be much less on self and more on the world and the earth. Uranus is how we connect, and I have a feeling people will want to disconnect more and more from technology and take breaks; as well as connect more in person.

The fixed earth sign of Taurus rules possessions, value systems, how one earns money, and the earth. With Uranus in Taurus, there undoubtedly will be many new and innovative ways with how people earn money. People will also reevaluate and rethink their values. It is a time to wake up to whether or not you are living the life that gives you meaning, and if you making the most of your skills and talents. Are you being valued, or are you being devalued in your relationships and what you have to offer? Now is the time or originate and innovate a new story about your self worth.

There could big fluctuations with banking and the stock market. We have already seen the beginning of cryptocurrencies, and that will continue to be a trend in the next eight years. There will be new developments and enterprises regarding saving and repairing the earth, as that will also be unavoidable with Uranus in the sign that rules the earth. Uranus shakes you up radically when you need a wake up call. 

Use this time of new beginnings to innovate your dreams and what you really want. This is going to be a wild few weeks, and it could be very disruptive at times. However, the fact that it is a time of breaking free from old stories and starting anew is always exciting. Embrace your value and use this New Moon to begin the journey.

The New Moon on May 15, 2018 is a great day to do the Law of Abundance. Take a blank check and date it for May 15, 2018. Print out your name where it says, \”Pay to the order of,\” and then leave the small numeric box blank. Print on the next line, \”PAID IN FULL.\” At the bottom where you normally sign your name, print \”THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE. \”


I want to dedicate this newsletter to my Taurus friend,The Swami, who turns 91 years of age on the day of the New Moon in Taurus. He embodies the archetype of Uranus in Taurus: he is chaotic, brilliant, highly creative,obsessed with music and his classical 78 collection, and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of Classical music. If you want to read a bio of a true genius, look up R. Peter Munves, and you will read about a man driven by his passion for music; that is what gave his life and career meaning and value.


At one point in his life, this lovable nut job had close to a million records. I asked him what he thought about his possessions, or if he regretted having so many and paying to store them all of these years. He replied that although the possessions ultimately possessed him, they were also what created his livelihood and an outstanding career, which lasted for approximately 50 years in the record business.Remember — Taurus is how we earn money — among other things! 

Uranus in Taurus means that you may not want to get too attached to your possessions or not get to attached to any one thing. You may change your desires of what you want, and you may change what you value.