Super Moon in Scorpio: Empower yourself!

Hi, Everyone,

In a year of unforgettable change and hardship, this month provides much needed reflection with several planets retrograding. The year began with the historical conjunction of Saturn and Pluto at the world axis. As of mid month, both those planets will be retrograde and more!

On January, 12, 2020, Saturn and Pluto both met up at 22 degrees of Capricorn, which is the world axis and impacts people in leadership and also the world at large. The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Saturn is the planet of restriction, karmic lessons, government, and big business. Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth, transformation, and power structures. The two malefics meet up approximately every 36 years; but, they had not met up in the Cardinal earth sign of Capricorn for over 500 years. These two power players led the world in 2020 in collapsing of old structures and in reinventing the new.

Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, stationed retrograde on April 25, 2020 at 24 degrees of the Cardinal earth sign of Capricorn and was close to where it met up with Saturn on January 12th. It stations direct again on October 4, 2020 and will trigger this degree exactly, which is 22 degrees of Capricorn. Any time a planet triggers 22 degrees of a Cardinal sign, it automatically sets off the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January, which changed the world.

Saturn is about to station retrograde on May 11, 2020 at 1 degree of Aquarius. Saturn rules the historical stellium of planets that initiated the year and the decade. We will never see this much Capricorn again! January began the decade with the South Node of Karma in Capricorn, that we which we need to release and purge; Jupiter, the planet of expansion, amplifying this Capricorn narrative; The Sun, which brings light to matters and represents ego and identity; Pluto, the planet of transcendence; Saturn, the cosmic architect, which structures our reality; Mercury, the messenger to the gods, which translated this story to the world.

Saturn itself represents limitations. The world is more limited than it has ever been; yet, with Saturn in Aquarius, we also get a glimpse of the infinite connection available and possible within these overbearing restraints. In ancient Astrology, Saturn ruled the fixed air sign of Aquarius. Saturn entered Aquarius on March 21, 2020 and will remain there until July 2, 2020 when it re-enters the Cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. It will remain in Capricorn until December 17, 2020 when it re-enters Aquarius and remains there on and off through March of 2023.

Saturn is as far as it will get this year, and it is probably the most important planet of the year — other than Pluto. The two met up on the world stage, but Saturn ruled all of the other planets that met up together in January to greet the new decade. Saturn transits in both signs it rules this year; but, each has much different implications.

Aquarius is an air sign that represents networking, community, humanity, the intellect, the future, and connection. With Saturn in Aquarius, we have been practicing social distancing; yet, many more groups have been formed with the purpose of connecting, transitioning, and learning in more meaningful ways. Saturn was last in Aquarius from 1991 through 1994, and there was a huge technological surge at that time. With Saturn in Capricorn, we are assessing the old institutions that no longer work as they used to, and they how how they can be transformed with Pluto and brought to life in a new incarnation.

Saturn stations retrograde on May 11, 2020, but we feel the energy five days before and five days after. Saturn can make you feel more pressured and stuck, but this is great energy for mustering the focus to get things accomplished. Bear in mind by mid month, four planets will be retrograde. If there is something new altogether that you wish to launch, I would try to do it before the end of the week.
Saturn retrogrades from May 11, 2020 until September 29, 2020 when it stations direct at 25 degrees of Capricorn. Venus retrogrades on May 13, 2020 at 21 degrees of the mutable air sign of Gemini and is retrograde through June 25, 2020 when it stations direct at 5 degrees of Gemini. The following day, the other benefic — Jupiter — stations retrograde at 27 degrees of Capricorn. With Venus and Jupiter both retrograde, we are reevaluating what brings us happiness and joy.

The only planets that do not retrograde annually are Venus and Mars. Of course, these two both had to decide to retrograde in the same year! Mars will retrograde in the fall, but let’s focus on Venus for now. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, creativity, and kindness. Venus retrogrades once every year and a half. Venus retrogrades every eight years in the sign of Gemini. When Venus is retrograde, it is not a good time to make a big purchase or to initiate a new relationship. Relationships that do begin under Venus retrograde are very karmic; but, it is a better time for returning to old partnerships rather than initiating new ones.

Venus is currently out-of-bounds and has been since April 2, 2020. When a planet is out-of-bounds, it means that it is beyond the outer limits of the sun and is greater than 23 degrees and 27 minutes North or South of the Equator. Venus remains out-of-bounds until July 1, 2020. This exaggerates the energy of Venus and makes her act a little “Extra” if you know what I mean.

The fact that Venus is retrograding with a square to Neptune within a degree emphasizes both the romantic and the unrealistic components of this Venus retrograde. There will be a lot of deceitful situations this summer driven by this Venus retrograde; but, there can also be incredibly romantic and compassionate acts that occur as well. Just be extra mindful of the two lanes on the road in the Neptune fog. Make sure you see clearly.

With Venus retrograde in Gemini, this can bring back many people from the past: old lovers, school mates, friends, etc. Venus in Gemini is a social and flirtatious placement. Venus retrograde is definitely a time of reconnecting with old flames and returning to projects that fulfill your creativity and sense of beauty. Venus in Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of communication. Since Venus is out-of-bounds and is amplified, there will be a lot of reconciling, communicating, and connecting. Venus retrogrades with a challenging square to Neptune in Pisces, which is the higher octave of Venus. Neptune represents the dream.

Venus and Neptune working at odds is very creative and intuitive energy; but, Neptune can be misleading and deceptive in its lower form. Many people are in pain right now, and this summer is a time of reviewing how to heal those wounds and how to be empathetic to others that are experiencing the very same thing. Be wary of the desire to escape too much. Be cautious of others trying to take advantage of your vulnerability.

The higher use of this is to continue to connect with your groups that raise the vibration around spirituality, creativity, music, and the arts. Sing, drum, meditate, and pray! Venus and Neptune can be incredibly effective for manifesting collectively so get in to your virtual drum circles and chant together! Manifest together and hold intentions for each other.

There is a very powerful Super Moon that takes place on May 7, 2020 at 6:45 am EDT at 17 degrees of the fixed water sign of Scorpio. I cast the chart for the East Coast, and it has Gemini ascendant, which means that Mercury rules the chart. The Moon in Scorpio falls in the sixth house of work, service, and daily routine.

The moon does not like being in Scorpio, where it is in its fall position. Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio, and the fact that it is in combat with Mars in the house of leadership means that there will be more power struggles this week. Be wary that people will want to lash out with their words. Secrets will undoubtedly get uncovered this weekend, as Scorpio rules secrets and is the planet of communication in the house of the hidden.

The Scorpio Full Moon is an excellent time for releasing. This is the last full moon before the Eclipses. The Nodes of fate have just changed signs and have exited the Capricorn/Cancer axis where they have been since November 6, 2018. The Nodes of Destiny entered the Sagittarius/Gemini axis on May 5, 2020, where they will orbit for the next 18 months. This brings a new focus on higher learning and communication.

The Full Moon occurs on May 7, 2020 at 6:45 am EDT at 17 degrees of Scorpio. The moon in Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, which has has just stationed retrograde. Focus on what you want to release. As aforementioned, Pluto is one of the two power players of the year. What do you want to purge? Set some time tonight or tomorrow to do a personal ritual to let go of the negativity so that you can empower yourself. With all of these planets retrograde as of mid month, it is time to search within to find the tools to recreate new value systems and reinvent.