Eclipse season to wake us the conscious collective

Hi, Everyone,

It is currently Eclipse season, and there are such huge celestial events occurring in the backdrop of a completely new world. The longest Lunar Eclipse to occur within a span of a thousand years occurred on November 19, 2021 at 27 degrees and 14 minutes of Taurus at 3:57 am EST! This is a BIG deal! This is the longest Eclipse to occur since February 18, 1440, and none will last as long until February 8, 2669!


Lunar Eclipses occur when Earth’s shadow blocks the Sun’s light, which otherwise reflects off of the moon. A partial Lunar Eclipse occurs when the moon is not fully submerged in the Earth’s shadow. This particular Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is extremely close to being a total Lunar Eclipse, though, as 97 percent of the moon is immersed in the Earth’s shadow. Eclipses wake us up, shake us up, and make us us see things in a whole new way so that our souls can grow and obtain further enlightenment within the chaos.


The Lunar Eclipse Moon falls at 27 degrees of the fixed earth sign of Taurus, where it is exalted and in a sign where the moon loves to be! The sign of Taurus is a sign that seeks to be grounded, stable, prosperous, creative, and practical. Venus rules the fixed earth sign of Taurus and rules your values, how your earn income, how you partner with others, and what is of meaning to you. The sign of Taurus is focused on earning a practical living, enjoying all of the senses and pleasures of life, and being connected to the beauty and meaning of the Earth’s natural gold.

This legendary Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is a key player for the remainder of 2021 and for the beginning of 2022! Venus entered the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn on November 5, 2021 where it will tour until March 6, 2022. Venus retrogrades on December 19, 2021 at 26 degrees and 29 minutes of Capricorn and directly sets off where Pluto retrograded in April of this year when it retrograded at 26 degrees of Capricorn. It stations direct on January 29, 2021 at 11 degrees and four minutes of Capricorn.
Pluto is the planet of death, regeneration, secrets, intimacy, blocked wounds, transformation, power, sexuality, financial partnerships, and shared assets. What do you need to purge and release in order to improve and enhance your life? How do your upgrade your own value in your career and in how you establish boundaries with others and with yourself? Venus meets up with cosmic compost three times in the sky and invites you to eliminate the literal and metaphoric blocks to your heart’s joy.
Venus and Pluto meet up on December 11, 2021 at 25 degrees and 18 minutes of Capricorn; December 25, 2021 at 25 degrees and 42 minutes of Capricorn; and on March 3, 2022 at 27 degrees and 48 minutes of the Cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. Saturn, lord karma and taskmaster of the universe, rules the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn. It is centered on status, achievement, karma, accountability, responsibility, structure and commitment.
Capricorn is a sign that rules time, restrictions, limitations, boundaries, and goals. This Eclipse season will bring more emphasis on setting boundaries within relationships and with your own time management.
Time is your biggest currency, and Venus in Capricorn reminds you to work and go for what you want NOW! Remind yourself that the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus wants you to be happy. It is currently Scorpio season, and this a time of loss, renewal, power, intimacy, blocked wounds, heavy emotions, and healing. The Lunar Eclipse is always a time of endings, as it brings things to culmination. However, I have seen major beginnings occur on Lunar Eclipses, and I have also seen major endings occur on Solar Eclipses. This is a time of major change, messages, signs, and paths to circumstances that could change your life if your dare take the plunge.
Three points are in the fixed mysterious sign of Scorpio at the time of the Lunar Eclipse: Mars, the planet of action, passion, and rage; Mercury, the planet of communication, perspective, learning, and connecting; The Sun, which represents ego and identity. It is time to dig in really deep and use this remarkable Eclipse to release the pain so you can have your glory! The moon is exalted! It has been a very painful journey, but they are amazing opportunities that light up the change.
On November 19, 2021, Venus formed a beautiful trine to Uranus, planet of ingenuity, at 1:08 am EST Venus rules the sign of Taurus and is the planet of beauty and love. Uranus is the planet of surprise and genius and has been transiting in the fixed sign of Taurus on and off since May 15, 2018. Uranus is the planet of breakthroughs, enlightenment, and fixed, rapid change. It is time to break through from things that impede your happiness and liberate yourself from others that do not resonate with what you are trying to do. This is a beautiful signature to the Lunar Eclipse and brings gifts for all of us.
Mercury, the planet of communication, formed a helpful angle to Neptune, the planet of dreams and imagination, and this is excellent for doing manifesting work for Eclipse rituals and for using your imagination to manifest what you believe to be possible. The Lunar Eclipse sets of Jupiter, the planet of abundance, which is currently at 24 degrees of the fixed air sign of Aquarius. The Lunar Eclipse squared Jupiter, the planet of excess, which is at it its final months in the fixed air sign of Aquarius. This can certainly intensify the emotions and heavy endings associated with this eclipse.
There is currently so much fixed energy in the sky that while change is so rampant and ubiquitous, it can also feel impossible to get things done when deadlines, meetings, appointments, and classes are buzzing off the hook left and right.
Mars is in its dignity in Scorpio, but it opposes Uranus, which is in the fixed earth sign of Taurus. This brings inner conflict and a desire to fight. There is a reactive energy within this highly sensitive Eclipse. Thankfully, the aspect has already separated at the actual time of the Lunar Eclipse and is is more within control.
Mars, Mercury, and The Sun are all in fixed water sign of Scorpio; Mars in Scorpio opposes Uranus, planet of upheaval and chaos, which is in fixed earth sign of Taurus; Saturn is in the fixed air sign of Aquarius in its ancient dignity but holding back Mars in Scorpio, which is normally unstoppable and feeling very frustrated with all of these fixed restrictions; Jupiter is in the fixed air sign of Aquarius and expanding the intensity of this VERY potent Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.
At times, you may feel stuck. Once you harness all of this fixed energy properly, you can be tenacious at finishing what you need to achieve and following through on projects that require patience and courage.
With Venus retrograde in Capricorn and setting off where Saturn was on and off from December of 2018 until November 4, 2020, this is also a time where you can reinvigorate and heal some exiting partnerships romantically, financially, and spiritually. What were you trying to build when Saturn was in Capricorn that meant something to you? What were the structures you were trying to carve? What can you improve in your life now that Venus will be retrograde from December 19th, 2021 until January 29, 2022?
Venus and Pluto will have three showdowns in the sky so that you can transform that area of your life. Pluto is the planet of death and regeneration. What do you need to face in the dark when it’s really scary, and you are all alone? Now is the time to face your fears. You do not have the choice to snooze celestial alarms, but you do have a lot of choice to take ownership in your life and grow something of substance. The eclipses are knocking on your door with opportunities, shake ups, and unforgettable news. Pay attention and do you what you want to do!
If you work hard for any goals you want to achieve with this magical Eclipse energy, you have a lot of help from the universe to get your goals accomplished. Venus, the planet of love and money, forms a special and helpful angle to Uranus, the plane of surprise. This magical Eclipse says to make a wish! Mars, the warrior of the Zodiac is in Scorpio and calls on you not to give up on your passion. Slow down but keep going! Keep going and keep going.
Mars rules Scorpio in ancient Astrology and will transit in the fixed brooding water sign of Scorpio until December 13, 2021. This is a time to take action and purge anything you feel is keeping you from your best future self.
The final weeks of 2021 are a cosmic farewell to the eclipses in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. The The final eclipse in this axis is a Total Solar Eclipse that occurs on December 4, 2021 at 2:43 am EST at 12 degrees and 22 minutes of the Mutable Fire sign of Sagittarius. The New Moon is always a time to set intentions and planet new seeds. It is like a new moon on 10 cups of espresso. Maybe even more. Everything is exaggerated, and the stakes are high. Eclipses uproot us, surprise us, and want us to change.
I cast the chart for The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius for Washington DC, and the chart has Libra ascendant with Venus as the ruler of the chart. Venus is at the world point at 22 degrees of the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn in the house of home, family, and foundation. It triggers where the Saturn/Pluto conjunction occurred on January 12, 2020 at 22 degrees of Capricorn. Saturn is the planet of karma, responsibility, and structure. Pluto is the planet of power, death, regeneration, and transformation. We saw death, rebirth, and transformation of world structures, and our lives changes forever.
When planets transit at the world point, it impacts all of us on a much deeper level, and it it also brings big news stories and impacts people on the world stage. Venus at the world point packs a heavy punch for all of us and underlines the significance of this Total Solar Eclipse in the hopeful sign of Sagittarius, and how important it is that you consciously direct your energy in positive ways and purge the blocks.
Eclipses are a time of fated encounters and portals that can open in your life in a flash. It is hard to be ready for something that you cannot control, but you can control how you bring love to the world on a daily basis both to others and to self with healthy restrictions and habits in both arenas.
Neptune, the modern ruler of the mutable water sign of Pisces, stations direct on December 1, 2021 at 20 degrees and 24 minutes of Pisces. You feel that buildup five days before and five days afterwards. Neptune rules floods, leaks, escapism, hidden information, the imagination, the subconscious mind, and dreams. Heavy leaks could occur, and your psychic antenna will be strong!
The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius forms a wide square to Neptune, the planet of imagination and illusion. This Eclipse reveals and dispels delusional thinking; but, it is also really fun for doing creative and manifesting work.
The Total Solar Eclipse is always a New Moon, but in this case it involves fated events and is much more heightened and dramatic. This is an excellent time for journaling your intentions and working with a Vision board, crystals, feng shui, chanting, and other methods of manifesting that speak to you.
Clear Quartz point is an excellent crystal for absorbing and magnifying your intentions. Cleanse it in cold water and trace it with your finger tips and focus on what you wish to manifest. Put the clear quartz in a window or somewhere that gets a lot of light, or put it somewhere special for you as you manifest and work with your Solar Eclipse dream. Neptune will heighten the dream factor of this Total Solar Eclipse, and it is a possibility that you can now make your dreams a possibility!
The Total Solar Eclipse is a time to write down your intentions and focus on goals that you wish to launch in your life. If you know your time of birth, look to see where 12 degrees and 22 minutes of the Mutable Fire Sign of Sagittarius falls in your chart. This is where you are experiencing new beginnings, and where you can manifest luck.
Websites like Cafe Astrology and are great tools for looking at your birth chart for free and seeing where the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus falls at 27 degrees of Taurus, and where the Solar Eclipse falls at 12 degrees of Sagittarius.
These are the areas of life where you are experiencing the most action, but if either eclipse hits a planet directly, that propels the energy of that planet in your chart as well and makes life even more busy, fated, and significant.
The Solar Eclipse is like a New Moon on steroids! The New Moon is an excellent time for doing The Law of Abundance, and this is doubly true with the New Moon being a Total New Moon Eclipse!
Take a check and date it for the date of the Total Solar Eclipse, which is on December 3, 2021 at 11:43 pm PST and on December 4, 2021 at 2:43 am EST at 12 degrees and 22 minutes of Sagittarius. Date the check for your time zone accordingly. Where it says, “Pay to the order of,” print your full name. Where it says, print the dollar amount, keep the small numeric box blank. On the next line, print, “Paid in Full.” At the bottom of the check, where your normally sign your name, Print, “The Law of Abundance.”
I wish you much abundance an amazing Eclipse season. Sagittarius season is a time to seek fun, adventure, and wisdom. I wish you a very illuminating Eclipse season. Change is the hottest dish on the menu this holiday season and into the new Year!