Full Moon in Pisces: A Moon for love

Hi, Everyone, There is plenty of retrograde energy in the cosmos, and I am finally back! Mercury, the planet of communication, thoughts, and ideas, retrograded on September 9, 2022 at 8 degrees and 55 minutes of the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra. I have been sick and recovering since the day before Uranus retrograded at 18 degrees of Taurus on August 24, 2022, so I have felt this retrograde on a very deep level. It has been an interesting journey because I have been without my cosmic tools up until now and have had to rely on my intuition and emotions to process the Astrology. I was too sick to sit at my computer, too hazed out to pick up an ephemeris or look at my planner, and I really felt a desire to disconnect for a bit. I had no choice. I know some of the facts of course and knew in advance, but today I channel more of the Astrology for you with this sentimental Full Moon in Pisces. I learned from my sweet mom a long time ago that sometimes sympathy and empathy are the biggest diamonds of wisdom we can share or possess. Sometimes, true kindness exceeds brilliance and is the wiser.

This highly sensitive Pisces moon wants you to feel, it wants you to mourn, and it wants you to love and dream big dreams. Your sentiments, your emotions, and your intuition are your biggest guides. Leave your brilliant mind at the door and walk into your closet of feelings, where you’re even afraid to hang your coat. This Full Moon in Pisces represents where we are all headed: The Age of Pisces. This begins when Saturn exits the sign of Aquarius and enters the Mutable Water Sign of Pisces on March 7, 2023. First, I need to address the retrograde energy and then dive into these ancient pools of wisom with the Full Moon in Pisces. Currently, there are six planets retrograde — including the personal planet of Mercury. All of the outer planets are retrograde. Mars, which is how we get things done, is in its shadow and has been since August 20, 2022 when it reached 8 degrees and 8 minutes of the Mutable Air Sign of Gemini, where it will be through March 26, 2022.

Mercury retrogrades from September 9, 2022 through October 2, 2022 when it stations direct at 24 degrees of Virgo. Mercury initially retrograded in the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra, which deals with partnerships and justice. Whenever Mercury retrogrades, it can bring up ghosts from your past — whether your hear from them directly, hear about them, or have a vivid dream or memory that brings them to mind. When Mercury is retrograde in Libra, this can definitely bring up ghosts from the past — different types of relationships or people you once knew. It can also cause strife in exisiting relationships. Use this as a cosmic invitation to reasses how you want to partner with others, and how you want to be treated. If there is a relationship you want to heal, try to use this as an opportunity to discuss things that need to be discussed; albeit with caution because Mars in Gemini can say harsh things without really thinking about it. Mercury will retrograde in two signs, and both signs will feel it. Mercury returns to the Mutable Earth Sign of Virgo on September 29, 2022 and stations direct on October 2, 2022 at 24 degrees and 12 minutes of Virgo. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. While it is in Virgo, it is a time to focus on your work, your habits, your health, and how you can be of service to others. Mercury loves being in both of the mutable signs. In Gemini, it pours words out in every direction; while in Virgo, it is more analytical and observant. It is methodical.

While Mercury retrogrades in both of the sign of Libra and Virgo, this is a time to reevaluate your relationships, your productivity, and your regimens. I find it funny because I have been spinning without any direction, regimen, or habits. This is unlike me. With Mars in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, I find my thoughts stream through without interruption, and it hard to pause. It is very hard to write and focus, but I am trying my best. When there are so many planets retrograde, it is difficult to move ahead. I already feel the hint of Mars retrograde in Gemini, and that is another big journey we must all embrace, but I think it is already in the air. Mars will be out-of-bounds from October 22nd through May 4th, which means that it exceeds the Sun’s outer limits and is out of control. It does not play by the rules. Mars will remain in Gemini the majority of its being out-of-bounds, which means that you really want to be extra mindful with your words, and how you communicate — much more than just when Mercury is retrograde. People could be extra harsh with their words. People could be even more careless on the roads, as Gemini rules local travel and transportation.

While Mercury does station direct on October 2nd, it does so with an opposition to Neptune within a degree. Again, your practical mind with have to suspend disbelief, and some habits or practices in which you engage will either be dissolved or based on your intuition. Your intuition is as much of an ally now as is your cognitive mind. When Mars retrogrades, it is a far bigger deal. It only retrogrades once every two years, and it is also a personal planet. Mars is the planet of life force, ambition, drive, and energy. When Mars is in Gemini, there are a lot of choices. When it retrogrades, it makes it more challenging to make those choices. When Mars is retrograde, it is not an ideal time to launch new projects. It is a better time to reconsider how you can learn and be more effective in your communication and marketing while retrograde in Gemini. Time to reasses your choices and strategize when it is best to make them.

Mars retrogrades on October 30, 2022 at 25 degrees and 37 minutes of Gemini and stations direct on January 12, 2023 at 8 degrees and 8 minutes of Gemini. The Sign of Gemini represents communication, local community and neighborhoods, siblings, learning, teaching, writing, ideas, and words — among other things. I have already witnessed fighing with siblings in some of my friends and clients. I have also experienced a lot of procrastination with feeling ill. I plan on reassessing how I can upgrade my game, and that is an opporunity we all share this fall season and early winter while Mars is retrograde. Time to learn more effectively. Time to find and build community around you. Be cautious of big decisions you need to make during the Mars retrograde season because Gemini is like the Lovers card in Tarot: It represents choices and decisions. I realize so many are working within chaos, and it is not easy to put off a few months; but, if you are able to avoid making big decisions or starting something new altogether during Mars retrograde, I would advise it. If you cannot avoid it, try to take as many micro steps as you able now and try to launch it now — even with Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrogrades approximately four times a year, and don’t we all need a break?! You can also redo. Mars is the bigger deal.

As for this Full Moon that calls to you with love, this is a Full Moon for all of us. This is a Moon for the strays, the abandoned, the hopeless, and the dreamers. This is a Full Moon that embraces all of us. I cast the Full Moon chart for Washington D.C, and it has Virgo Ascendant, which means that Mercury is the ruler of the chart: Mercury is currently retrograde in Libra. Realizing that relationships are what get us through even when we do not always get along. The Full Moon occurred at 17 degrees and 41 minutes of Pisces in the seventh house of relationships. It is sandwiched between Juno, the asteroid that represents relationships; as well as Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces. The planet of dreams and limitless and imagination. Purge the sadness but make sure to feel the feelings, as that is what helps to heal. This is a time to be extra kind to yourself and to others. This is a moon of love. “I believe in intuitions and inspirations… Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. ” — Brilliant Pisces, Albert Einstein #astrology #horoscope #tischisbacktheysay