New Moon in Virgo: Time to work hard!

Focus, gather your thoughts, and get ready to move ahead!¬† Sorry — I must be talking to myself again. ūüôā¬† What a summer it has been!¬† I am here to say that although¬† there will most definitely be some more shadow issues for all of us this fall, it is now time to get cracking and anchor you goals.

Mercury, the planet of communication, learning, ideas, transportation, and commerce, stationed direct on August 19, 2018.  Secondly, Mars, the warrior planet which rules how we deal with ambition, motivation, and anger, stationed direct at 28 degrees of Capricorn on August 27, 2018.  

Mars is currently at a critical degree of 29 degrees of the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn, which is where it was in the middle of May.  Projects that you began in May can now take a whole new direction with Mars now direct.  You can revise and restructure the story, and it is excellent for moving ahead with your ambitions.   

Mars is still out of bounds until September 24, 2018 and is far more erratic and incendiary than normal.¬† I just saw a newsflash of another shooting, which I am frightened to read.¬† We can still expect Mars energy to be rampant¬† because it forms another exact square to Uranus, which amplifies the unpredictability factor. People are impulsive and at times enraged.¬† Expect the unexpected and then some. ¬† Use this energy to innovate and work with the brilliance — not the anger and chaos.

The third and most significant factor is that Saturn stationed direct today at 2 degrees of Capricorn. If you mentally see a stop sign in your life, switch it around to start!  Life is going to  pick up and get really busy now! Saturn originally stationed retrograde on April 19, 2018 at 9 degrees of Capricorn.  Now it is time to build forward and retrace the entire Saturn in Capricorn story.  You can restructure.  You are at the helm.

Saturn is the karmic taskmaster, which emphasizes the lessons we are meant to learn, the truths we are meant to face, and the goals we want to work hard to launch. Saturn rules time, hard work, ambition, structures and limitations.   After a summer of seven planets retrograde, there are now three planets that have stationed direct.  The light switch is turned back on, and it is time to say yes.  Saturn may make you wait and work hard; but, time waits for no one.  Saturn reminds us of this, too.  

Mercury switched signs and entered its home sign of Virgo on September 5, 2018 where it will quickly transit until September 22, 2018.¬† A lot of quick communication and ideas.¬† Venus is currently in her shadow, as she will retrograde on October 5, 2018 at 10 degrees of Scorpio and is retrograde through November 16, 2018 when she stations direct at 25 degrees of Libra.¬† Although we are in the shadow period, it is imperative to move ahead with life and plans — especially after the summer we have had.¬† I will talk more about Venus Retrograde in the upcoming weeks.

The good news is that there is  a grounding and manifesting New Moon in Virgo that occurs at 17 degrees of Virgo on September 9, 2018 at 2:01 pm EST.  The New Moon is always an excellent time to set new intentions, write down goals, plant seeds, and begin new habits.  Virgo is a mutable earth sign, which likes to be of service, work hard, and analyzes the fine print. It is also the sign, which rules daily routine, habits, and regimens.  

Virgo is a very practical earth sign.  The funny thing is that this New moon forms an opposition to Neptune, the planet of illusion; therefore, the fine print may be more difficult to read.  Neptune also represents the dream, so dream big!

There is an exciting grand trine in Earth in this New Moon chart, which involves Mercury, the planet of communication; Saturn, the planet of structure; and Uranus, the planet of genius. Mercury is already in its home sign in the sign of Virgo and is excellent for all forms of communicating and networking.  

This brings manifesting to another level because this New Moon in Virgo is where you can really manifest your thoughts, ideas, and intentions.  Be clear and be specific.  Earth signs help to materialize our goals. There are currently seven planets in earth, which helps to ground us. Jupiter, which is the luckiest planet and represents faith and expansion, forms a beautiful sextile to this New moon and enables us to tap in to our vision with hope and expansive ideas.  

The New Moon is an extra powerful day to do the Law of Abundance. This new moon is especially intuitive since both the Sun and Moon form an opposition to Neptune. Take this opportunity to write down your dreams. Take a blank check and date it for September 9, 2018.¬† Print out your name where it says, \”Pay to the order of,\” and then leave the small numeric box blank. Print on the next line, \”PAID IN FULL.\” At the bottom of the check, where you normally sign your name, print¬† \”THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE. \” I wish you much luck and happiness.

\”Yes, star crossed in pleasure the stream flows on by¬†


Yes, as we\’re sated in leisure, we watch it fly¬†


And time waits for no one, and it won\’t wait for me \”


— \”Time waits for No One\” — The Rolling Stones