Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Seek your truth!

Hi, Everyone,

Eclipses, retrogrades, and planets out-of-bounds. Where do I begin?! If you have noticed that things feel a bit off, and that change is happening in leaps and bounds, you are not alone. Eclipses usher in major turning points and brings things to light so that we see them in a way that we never have before. They can bring dramatic change in a very short period of time.

When a planet is out-of-bounds, it exceeds 23 degrees and 27 minutes north or south of the equator. The planet acts in a more erratic manner. When planets are retrograde, they urge us to reassess the intentions of that planet, and where it is transiting in our chart.

Mars, the planet of action, passion, and aggression, was out-of-bounds from March 21, 2021 until May 24, 2021. This can accelerate anger, aggression, and impatience. Mars has been transiting in its fall position in the Cardinal water sign of Cancer since April 23rd, and this can induce emotional reactiveness that is not helpful for seeking solutions.

Mercury is currently transiting in the mutable air sign of Gemini, where it is in its dignity and is an excellent placement for interviewing, networking, and commerce. It entered Gemini on May 3, 2021 and will transit in Gemini through July 11, 2021.

Mercury rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo. It is in its dignity in Gemini and is in a strong position; however, it can be a bit tricky and masterful in Gemini with a few different sides of the story with Mercury out-of-bounds as of May 7, 2021 and will be until May 30, 2021.

Mercury is all over the place and playing some major games. Venus, the planet of love and desire, is also transiting in the mutable sign of Gemini and became out-of-bounds on May 23, 2021 and will be until June 18, 2021. This definitely can make communication feel out of wack! This can also brilliant for writing and creating art, so try to use it for this purpose. You could achieve amazing things now!

At the moment, there are four points transiting in the mutable air sign of Gemini, which the planet Mercury rules: The Sun, which is life force and ego strength; the North Node of karma, which is the life direction we are meant to pursue; Venus, the planet of partnerships, value, money, and resources; Mercury, the planet of mindset and information. Expect a LOT of information these next six weeks. Expect HUGE reveals in your life and on the world stage.

There is more mutability in the sky in addition, which means that you can feel like your head is spinning! Jupiter, the Grand benefic, recently entered the mutable water sign of Pisces on May 13, 2021 where it remain through July 29, 2021. Jupiter rules Pisces in ancient astrology and is in its dignity. Jupiter expands whatever it transits or comes across. In this case, Jupiter expands the magic, empathy, compassion, creativity; as well as the emotions and tears. Jupiter in Pisces is phenomenal for doing manifesting work, as you need to really tap into your imagination and believe it to be possible.

Jupiter in Pisces is sheer magic when not distracted. There is no other way to describe it, as I feel you can create magical kingdoms in your mind if you can just sit still.

Jupiter is transiting where Neptune was transiting in Pisces from early April to early August of 2011 and again from February to April of 2012. Are there are any stories in your life that you dealing with then that may be taking on another expansion.

This is an excellent time for spiritual practice, connecting to source, creating art, singing, and making music. Neptune is now at the third decan in Pisces and will retrograde at the end of June. So much creative outlets available if you find ways to center and ground yourself during this very flighty and mutable Eclipse season.

Jupiter and Neptune are both the rulers of Pisces. Jupiter rules the vision, and Neptune rules the dream. There can be a flooding of emotions as we build up to a Total Lunar Eclipse.

The interesting thing is that in all of this mutable and scattered energy in the cosmos, Saturn is also a key player. Saturn stationed retrograde on May 23, 2021 at 13 degrees of the fixed air sign of Aquarius. Saturn was ring leader last year in the Epoch of Capricorn; but, it also rules Aquarius in ancient astrology. When Saturn stations, we feel that energy five days before and five days afterwards. We are encouraged to dream big and wide; yet, Neptune’s dreams are lined with Saturn’s limits.

Mercury, the planet of communication, thoughts, and ideas, is just about to station retrograde on May 29, 2021 at 24 degrees and 43 minutes of the mutable air sign of Gemini. Mercury entered its shadow on May 15, 2021 when it entered 16 degrees of Gemini where it will station direct on June 22, 2021. This will be a very interesting retrograde indeed! Don’t let yourself go down the rabbit hole! With Jupiter in Pisces, you can call on your guides easily. Do little things to protect your energy. Smudge more often, open the windows, and clear the space! Do not take on other people’s energy because that is the downfall with the Piscean energy at play.

As we approach the end of May, we are in middle of a huge eclipse season with a lot of information getting revealed. A lot of turning points, major endings, and moves. At the time of the Lunar Eclipse, there are eight planets transiting in mutable signs, which means a lot of change, adaptability, but that things are not necessarily stable.

The Total Lunar Eclipse occurs on May 26, 2021 at 7:14 am EDT at 5 degrees and 25 minutes of the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius. A Total Lunar Eclipse occurs during a Full moon when the Earth’s shadow completely blocks the Sun’s light, which otherwise reflects off of the moon.

Lunar Eclipses bring things to light so that we can process them emotionally in order to release that which no longer serves us. Sometimes, these are issues we have known about for a while.

Other times, eclipses can reveal hidden information that is completely out-of-the-blue. In this Lunar Eclipse chart, Venus, the love goddess, is out-of-bounds and not playing by the rules. She has a challenging square to Neptune in Pisces, which can uncover deception in finances and relationships.

I cast the chart for Washington D.C., and the Eclipse chart has Gemini Ascendant with several points in the twelfth house of hidden information. This adds to the tone that much will be revealed collectively and individually in the following six weeks. This Lunar Eclipse is ruled by Jupiter, and it also squares Jupiter in Pisces, which means it expands the psychic intuition, the emotioanl tone, and the zaniness of this full moon eclipse.

This Lunar Eclipse is a Supermoon because it is very close to earth in its orbit, which means people will be extra emotional. Thankfully, the moon in Sagittarius is an optimistic one, but it is still a very powerful Lunar Eclipse during Mercury’s shadow coupled with Saturn’s setbacks.

Sagittarius is a sign that is focused on wisdom, life experience, knowledge, belief systems, travel, and truth. A total Lunar Eclipse is very powerful. The South Node is only five degrees away from the Moon in Sagittarius. There may be relationships in your life you are releasing or situations that are blocking you from finding your truth.

Take some time to reflect during the Lunar Eclipse on what you want to learn, how you can maintain your optimism and faith, and what you need to purge in order to get on that path. There is so much opportunity to learn and thrive during this summer. This Eclipse season is going to be wild! It will also be incredibly informative.

Go with the flow, tap into Jupiter in Pisces, and clear the negativity out of your space. Energy vampires could be in full force with all of this Piscean energy! We can feel the energy of both of the Eclipses, as the Solar Eclipse occurs on June 10, 2021 at 19 degrees of Gemini during Mercury retrograde and with Venus out-of-bounds.

Find tools to meditate, deep breathe, smudge, do journal, work with your crystals, take extra Epsom salt baths, chant, sing, and visit the ocean if you are able. It’s only just begun!