New Moon in Aquarius: Initiate your new future.

Hi, Everyone,
This is an update about the New Moon in Aquarius that occurs on February 4, 2019 at 4:04 pm EST at 15 degrees of Aquarius. Aquarius is a fixed air sign ruled by the planet Uranus. Uranus deals with networking, connection, illumination, rebellion, and chaos.
This New Moon occurs at 15 degrees of Aquarius, which is at the world axis, which means that this New Moon is felt on a global scale and is more powerful. Look to where 15 degrees of Aquarius falls in your chart, and that is where you are experiencing new beginnings in your life and planting seeds.
This New Moon defers back to the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius that occurred on August 7, 2017 at 15 degrees of Aquarius. Think back to what was occurring in your life that month of August with the two powerful Eclipses. This New Moon on February 4, 2019 brings new beginnings and insights to that time and can bring a continuum to what you started then.
The year of 2019 started with incredible Cardinal intent in that there were many planets in Cardinal, action oriented sign. No planets were retrograde as of January 6, 2019, which means that that they are all moving in full motion. Not to mention four planets were in their home signs, which is highly unusual and very effective for accomplishing things.
I cannot deny that this has been a very difficult month for many filled with unexpected endings, changes, and loss. The Solar Eclipse in Capricorn was a South Node Eclipse, which involved a lot of endings and release. However, this start to the year is and has been an excellent time for figuring out what you want to anchor in your life. What do you need to transform and uplevel? What you need to purge and release? Find your inner power with integrity, heart, and purpose.
The New Moon in Aquarius is an excellent time for networking, learning, promoting yourself on social media, and beginning new things. The ruler of the new moon chart is Uranus, which is at the last degrees of Aries.
Uranus reaches 29 degrees of Aries on February 6, 2019 and changes signs altogether on March 6, 2019 when it enters Taurus. Uranus will enter Taurus on next month\’s new moon in Pisces, so we can expect that to be quite an interesting New Moon!
In the interim, we are all reconciling the lessons of Uranus in Aries that we have been dealing with on the collective since May of 2010. Now we complete that story. 29 degrees of any sign is a critical degree, so this is going to be quite an incendiary time. However, it is also excellent for breaking free from things you no longer want. Many endings will occur with this transition. This will liberate us from things that we no longer need or want. There will also be unexpected breaks,endings, and surprises.
Uranus is currently conjunct Eris, the goddess of discord, and this means that a lot of people feel angry, impulsive, and ready for a fight. Instead of fighting, figure a way to innovate what you want to change in your life. This is a great time to catalyze your goals even though these are undoubtedly turbulent times. Go for it. Don\’t look back.
The new moon on February 4, 2019 is an excellent time to do the Law of Abundance. Take a blank check and make it for that date. Print out your name where it says, \”Pay to the order of,\” and then leave the small numeric box blank. Print on the next line, \”PAID IN FULL.\” At the bottom where you normally sign your name, print \”THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE. \” I wish you much luck and happiness.