Jupiter in Taurus is time for cherry-picking

Hi, Everyone,

I am still collecting myself and am still recovering from the recent Eclipses. We got slammed in a big way! The first Eclipse was a Total Solar Eclipse at the final degree of Aries; it was also jus 10 minutes from being at the very first degree of Taurus. Therefore, I dubbed it as an Aries/Taurus eclipse. At the time of both Eclipses, both Mars and Venus were both out-of-bounds and out of control. When a planet exceeds the sun’s path by decination, it becomes unmanageable and unpredictable. Mars, the modern ruler of Aries, has been out-of-bounds since 10/22/22 and entered its limits as of 5/5/23, which was the second Eclipse! Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and value, is out-of-bounds from April 17th through June 1, 2023. With the two personal planets of passion out-of-bounds, this has brought the energy to a whole other level. Mercury retrograded on April 21, 2023 — just a day after the Solar Eclipse. This brought more confusion and introspection to this Eclipse story; it also brought more information and breakthroughs in the bigger picture. Mercury, the planet of knowledge, information, transportation, and communication, retrograded at 15 degrees and 38 minutes of the fixed earth sign of Taurus, which is right at the world point and brings big global news and impacts people and events on the world stage. It also impacts each and every one of us, as we comprise the world. Pay attention to 15 degrees of the fixed signs, as there have been major eclipses and transits near that point. The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. There was a Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8, 2022 at 16 degrees of Taurus, which was exactly conjunct Uranus, the planet of mayhem and enlightenment. That Lunar Eclipse was just a degree off from the world axis, where Uranus, the plane of chaos, was transiting on and in 2022; as well as earlier this year in the late winter months. A lot of big events last fall. A lot of heavy emotional situations in the Scorpio season. When Mercury retrograded during this Eclipse season and just a day after the Total Solar Eclipse on April 20th, it also spoke back to the Lunar Eclipse in November to bring us more information about that story, and how we can work it going forward. Eclipses pick up where left off last.

Think back to toxic train explosion that occurred in Ohio on February 4, 2023 when Uranus was right at the world axis — transiting at 15 degrees of the fixed sign of Taurus. Uranus can cause big explosions. It is a very unpredictable planet. When Uranus initially entered the sign of Taurus on May 15, 2018, there was a volcano in Hawaii that day. A lot of heavy explosions metaphorically in our lives in many ways; breakthroughs, change, discovery, and disruption. The chaos, the surprise, and the unpredictable. The second Eclipse occurred on May 5, 2023 at 14 degrees and 58 minutes of the fixed water sign of Scorpio — just two degrees off from the world point. To have an Eclipse, the Nodes of fate have be within 18 degrees of the Sun. This brings an element of fate. To have a Total Solar or Lunar Eclipse, the Nodes of the moon have to been within 8 degrees. The moon does not enjoy being in Scorpio, as that is a sign that deals with loss, buried pain, and facing the darkness. It is a very empowering sign, but it certainly does not feel like a Jupiter transit that opens doors and gives you blessings. You release and let go with Scorpionic and Plutonian energy. Pluto, the planet of death and regeneration, stationed retrograde on May 1, 2023 at 0 degrees and 21 minutes of Aquarius. We felt the buildup five days before, and we feel it five days afterwards. So much pain to be released. So much mourning. So many people feel disempowered in what feels like their journey to nowhere. The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio defaulted back to the Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8th and was just a degree off from opposing it. A lot of departures, moves, and financial situations of recent. A lot of clients have left their jobs or are trying to figure out their financial security. We need to work with the pain to heal. We need to empower ourselves and keep fighting. We have to guide those that do not have the strength within them. In a disconnected world, we have to remember and hold high the higher tenets of Aquarius: One is all, and all is one. We are all individuals that are interconnected. No way around it!

On the day of the Pluto station, there was a lot pf discussion about Geofreey Hinton — one of the Grandfathers of AI. He is on a mission to discuss how harmful AI could be to humanity. Pluto initially entered the futurustic sign of Aquarius on March 23, 2023 and dipped its toes into outer space; but, it is not done with the last degrees and structures of Capricorn, which have been permanently changed. Pluto returns to the sign of Aquarius next January, where it will transit on and off through January of 2044.

The writers’ strike speaks to how we cannot lose indivual voices in light of AI. Aquarius is a sign of networking, connection, and community. In modern times, it represents science and technology; how we broadcast information. Marshall McLuhan discussed in 1964 (Saturn in Aquarius transitioning into Pisces) about the global village, and how the medium is the message.

McLuhan proposed that how we receive the information informs us more than the content itself, and how we respond to that channel and process that information reshapes how we understand the world. He also warned that electronic media could make books obsolete. This Scorpio realizes that as much as she loves to hide away in the dark in a big hat and sunglasses, she can still protect her skin and be in the world to bring light. You will see me more in person, so you better get ready. Connection is my favorite cup of tea, and I want to share it with the world!

It terrifies me to think of people becoming even more alienated with Pluto in Aquarius. In the 1960s, youth convened in utter turbulence through a musican renaissance, metaphysics, and questioning authority. Now we are in a time where we people convene behind screens and screen out what they do not want. We are all guilty of this.

A lot of points are hitting us at the world point ushering in BIG CHANGE! Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio at the world point demands that you to release what hinders you from evolving. Mercury, the planet of ideas, stationed direct on May 14, 2023 at 5 degrees and 51 minutes of the fixed earth sign of Taurus, which is the sign most equated with Mother Earth and nature. Now is a time to reassess what gives you joy, pleasure, and happiness. How can you heal the blocks that keep you from what you want?

Jupiter in Taurus is so very creative. It takes time, but it expands all of the channels to music, sumptous food, and resting on velvet pillows as you soak in all of the beauty and enjoy all of the five senses. This is about creating beauty and art. This is about focusing on hard work and nature. Taurus is the sign of agriculture and banking — among other things. You may find gold, silver, and precious gems go up in value.

You may find new ways to make money with nature or how to sustain your lifestyle in a more organic way. Plant based diets will be even more of a theme, as we try to heal our souls and our bodies. Jupiter meets up with Uranus in Taurus next April of 2024 and brings tremendous expansion and opportunity! All signs benefit from Jupiter in Taurus, but the signs most impacted are: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. I will write more about how each sign benefits specifically.

Now is a time to revise some of the stories that occurred in this Eclipse season and since April 7, 2023 when Mercury entered 5 degrees of Taurus, which is the degree at which Mercury stationed direct on May 14, 2023. Some things can be reversed and improved. Some people and situations have been eclipsed out of our lives forever. If there is deception, it is coming out now in waves. More tales to be told in the ensuing weeks. Mercury will officially clear its shadow on May 31, 2023 when it gets to 15 degrees of Taurus (world point) and allows us to move forward with out plans in every day.

Another big part of the story is that Jupiter, the luckiest planet, enters the sign of Taurus on May 16, 2023 at 1:20 pm EST, where it will transit through May 25, 2024. Jupiter in Aries encouraged us to have passion and be fearless; but, Mars was out of bounds, and it was very feiry. Jupiter in Taurus is about expanding your skills, talents, resources. The sign of Taurus is ruled by the other benfic of the Zodiac: Venus! Jupiter in Taurus brings beauty in little moments. It requires patience to water and nuture your garden with love. You do not learn an instrument overnight, and you don’t create a masterpiece in five minutes. Take the time to enjoy a glass of fresh lemonade and watch the trees wave at you and invite you to dream.

Now, remember I mentioned the world axis and 15 degrees of the fixed signs. Jupiter is in Taurus through end of next May; but, it retrogrades on September 4, 2023 at 15 degrees and 34 minutes of Taurus — just 4 minutes off from where Mercury retrograded on April 21, 2023. Less than a minute off from where the Total Lunar Eclipse occurrred on November 8, 2022. Jupiter expands and helps you to magnetize something special. Perhaps you can heal some of what you have experienced or create something beautiful in light of wall that is happened.

Saturn is very difficult in Pisces as it is an attempt to anchor the unachored. However, it is the sign of minstrels and mystics. Taurus is also a highly creative sign, and we need to create and focus on the arts in a time where mental illness pervades our world. AI ain’t going to solve that one! You may be a another brick in the wall. Ahh, but what a beautiful brick you are! Let’s keep that wall in tact and not lose the structure of connection.

Pluto squares the Nodes of fate and brings the fate factor up yet another few notches. Elimination of things, places, and people that detour you from your path. The Solar Eclipse is an excellent time to write down intentions, plant new seeds figuratively and literally, and do the Law of Abundance. I wish you much luck! 🙂

To do the Law of Abundance, take a blank check and date it for April 19, 2023 or April 20, 2023. Where it says, “Pay to the order of, ” write down, “The Law of Abundance. Where you normally write down the dollar amount, print, “Paid in Full.” Where you normally sign your name at the bottom of the check, print down, “The Law of Abundance.” If you do not have a check, you can print it on the internet. Happy Eclipse! #astrology #Horoscope #solareclipse