Full Moon in Leo: Activate your heart chakra!

Hi, Everyone,

I feel a full moon rising!  Wowza!  So much Astrology to discuss.  I will cover in bits and write another piece soon to add to this.  At present, I have two little Leo male kittens running around like crazy.  They are from the same litter and are identical from the front; but, I can distinguish  them from the back because one has a broader beam and a crooked tail.  Is that sexist of me?!  They are twins, but would it not be scary if this were true of all, where we are indistinguishable robots that look and act the same.  Robots these are not!

They are flying around, and so are we all!  Two huge transits occur this year.  One HUGE cycle occurred last weekend.  Pluto, the planet of metamorphosis, change, evolution, power, big money, wounds, healing, and transformation, ingressed into the fixed air sign of Aquarius just hours before the Sun ingressed into Aquarius. 

Talk about a New Age of Aquarius!  We all got a preview on December 20, 2020 when Saturn, the planet of karma and structure, met up with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, vision, and growth, at 0 degrees of Aquarius. This ushered in a new era and an early preview of what Pluto will be doing for the next 20 odd years when it finally exits the sign of Aquarius on January 20, 2044.

Major cosmic shifts are occurring right now.  This brings a huge swing in consciousness — both on the individual and collective level.  Pluto digs things up in order to release that which no longer serve us, so that we can transcend.  Aquarius is a sign that represents the future, friendships, groups, and organizations; it also represents indivualism, originality, brilliance, quirkiness, and eccentricity.  Aquarius rules space, aviation, technology, and social media. 

You can see the signs all around you, as AI invades the world.  A woman  from Poland earns $40,000 on paintings “manufactured” by robotic dogs that paint for her like Picasso. Yeah, right.  Art without heart. Is that where we are headed?!?!  If it is, I do not know how much longer I can do this. Spiritual arts without heart. I don’t think so.

Keep in mind that Saturn, the cosmic architect, transits in the mutable water sign of Pisces on and off through February 16, 2026.  Not to mention that Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, transits at the final degree of Pisces and of the entire Zodiac beginning on May 4, 2024 and will transit at this degree through September 3, 2024.  That is the fixed star known as Scheat, and it is a degree of the zodiac connected with self undoing. It is connected with imprisonment, drowning, suicide, and great misfortune. 

Neptune rules the imagination, the unconscious mind, the ocean, and dreams.  On the higher level, it represents empathy, love, compassion, and incredible creativity. On the more challenging level, it represents, lost souls, deception, depression, addiction, and a loss of direction.  Pisces is the sign of the mystics, musicians, artists, and empaths. As much as this is the New Age of Aquarius, Neptune’s waters flood the Aquarian soar into the sky, and we must all be VERY aware of that.  We need connection now. We need art with heart. We cannot let technology alienate us further than we already are; but, it will be a huge challenge.  My cats look alike because they are related.  Will we all be zoned out clones of sadness in this time? Or will we come together to create art and spiritual experiences, to sing, to cry, to love, and to help those that cannot help themselves.  

Today is the day of the Full Moon in Leo, which occurred at 12:54 pm EST at 5 degrees and 14 minutes of the fixed fire sign of Leo.  Leo is the sign of self. It represents passion, creativity, and the heart.  This is the first full moon in Leo for the next twenty years that will oppose Pluto.  The fixed signs are feeling this strongly: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.  Anyone with planets between 2 and 8 degrees of these signs will feel it the most. We all feel these shifts tremendously.

Pluto opposes this Full Moon and reminds us all to release fear of the future, as we must release control with Pluto.  The Full Moon squares Jupiter, the grand benefic, which is currently transiting in the fixed earth sign of Taurus, where it expands resources.  The sun squares Jupiter directly on January 27, 2024 at 2:18 am EST.   A LOT of emotions, change, endings, and awakening.  

The other thing to add is that Uranus, the planet of enlightenment, inventiveness, electricity, and chaos, stations direct at on January 27, 2024 at 2:35 pm EST at 19 degrees and 5 minutes of the fixed earth sign of Taurus. Anyone with planets at 16 degrees to 22 degrees of the fixed signs will feel it the most: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. This is an electric jolt we all feel.  There was an earthquake yesterday in the San Bernardino area at 4.2 magnatude. Often when Uranus stations, there are earthquakes or other natural disasters. I remember when Uranus initially entered the sign of Taurus on May 15, 2018, and there was a volcano in Hawaii. You could experience issues with your technology —  gadgets, phones, computers, etc.  


This is a time to ground yourself.  You could feel like you are trying to fall asleep with all of the lights on in the house.  Do things to elevate your energy.  I would recommend some clearing like putting out a bowl of salt, burning sage or palo santo, getting rid of clutter, and clearing space. Work with your heart chakra.  Get some rose quartz, spend time with someone you love, connect with your animals, and connect to your creative spirit.  Focus on what you want to release in order to obtain your heart’s desire.

It would be a lie if I were to say this is an easy year or an easy time.  Pluto takes 248 years to transit.  It briefly entered Aquarius from March 23, 2023 through June 12, 2023.  That was just opening the window to let in the air.  Now, the windows have flown wide open, and there is no turning back! 

We can come together with prayer, love, chanting, brainstorming, and building connections.  We already know from the past four years how damaging isolation has been to us all.  The future is now so fast that you want to reflect back on Jupiter in Taurus where you expand through natural resources. Stay in nature and stay grounded because this Aquarius/Pisces combo is like sci fi and ethereal at the same time.  The future is so fast, I need to wear shades.  Let’s hope it can be bright, too.  We co-create this story, and I am ready to focus on the heart.