New Moon in Taurus: Time to pick your chosen fruits!

Hi, Everyone,

It continues to be wild times.  Jupiter and Uranus met up at 21 degrees and 50 minutes of the Fixed earth sign of Taurus on 4/20/24 and initiated a new cycle of abundance, expansion, freedom; as well, as revolution, protests, chaos, surprise, and the unexpected.  Before we dive into the magic of this month, it is is imperative to take inventory of recent events.

Eclipses occur every six months, and they are like Full Moons and New Moons on steroids.  Eclipses are very similar in energy to the planet Uranus: They can bring earthquakes and natural disasters, unexpected and shocking news, they can wake you up to see things in a whole other way, and they can liberate you from something which has been building for a while.  Eclipses can also bring out-of-the-blue opportunities, which can be phenomenal — whether it be a new job offer, an opportunity to buy or sell a home, a new relationship, an announcement of an engagement or a birth, or a new work or social connection.  The ancients feared Eclipses to be ominous, but I have seen them to have amazing opportunities, as well.

The biggest Eclipse of the year and of the next couple of years was the Total Solar Eclipse that occurred on April 8, 2024 at 19 degrees of Aries and was exactly conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer.  In that Eclipse chart, there was a big emphasis to have courage to face the wounds and to fight for yourself and move ahead in tentative times.  Chiron represents deeply embedded wounds, and it is important to address those wounds. 

Jupiter met up with Uranus for the first time since 1/02/2011, and they formed a new thirteen year story around breakthroughs, ingenuity, invention, networking, rebellion, chaos, and protest.  Jupiter represents how we educate, and it represents universities — among other things.  Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, and it is the iconoclastic planet.  Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and this expands the protests, the anger, and disruption that is rampant in the world. 

The wars are escalating with all of this Mars driven energy: The recent Total Solar Eclipse in Aries that was exactly conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer; Mercury’s three time dance with Chiron, the wounded healer, in Aries, which addresses heavy and deep seated wounds; and Mars now transits in its home sign of Aries, where it is very effective. It is also willing to go to war and fight.

Jupiter and Uranus met up together to bring innovation and new breakthroughs; but, there are also breakdowns.  Although Mercury is in its final meetup with Chiron today, it will clear its shadow on May 13, 2024 and will enter the Fixed earth sign of Taurus on May 15, 2024.  Time to summon the courage to face those wounds and take a deep look within yourself. 

Pluto retrograded on May 2, 2024 at 2 degrees and 6 minutes of the sign of Aquarius, and that heightens the emotional intensity, facing the wounds that are uncomfortable, mourning, loss, releasing, letting go, rebirthing, starting over, and transmuting.

Venus now transits in its home sign of Taurus, where it is so abundandant, fertile, and creative. It formed a challenging square to Pluto on May 1, 2024 — just a day before the Pluto station. This reinforces the message to release what holds you back from picking your chosen fruits.  Venus loves being in Taurus!  Although Mars is very militatant and aggressive while in Aries, it is in its home sign and is excellent for getting things done.  The new thirteen year story of Jupiter/Uranus in Taurus is about expanding through boundless resources that are within you.  Choose to be a deliberate creator and innovate a new future while you heal.   

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, abundance, expansion, the higher mind, travel, and life experience transits in the Venus ruled sign of Taurus for just a while longer, as it will ingress into the mutable air sign of Gemini on May 25, 2024, where it will expand in SO many directions through June of next year. 

Before we get to this lovely New Moon in Taurus, let us consider our options and tools. Think of these factors: The Sun is currently in the sign of of Taurus, where it shines through being creative and finding value in beauty and nature;  Venus is in its home sign of Taurus, where is it is the creator and loves indulging all of the five senses; Mars is in its home sign, where it is the warrior and the pioneer;  Neptune is in its home sign in Pisces, which it rules in modern Astrology and represents compassion, the dream, imagionation, and magic. 

The Pluto station still lingers, as we feel it through May 7, 2024.  This is again about addressing what feels painful to face, but this is where you face those truths in order to heal and empower yourself. This is about purging what keeps you from transcending. Three planets are currently transiting in their home sign, which facilitates getting things done and this is an excellent time for you to take steps to get things done.

Although Pluto is currently retrograde, all of the other planets are currently direct; three planets are in the sign which they rule.  Time to get it moving after this creative, exciting, and eye opening pairing of Jupiter and Uranus, which introduces a new thirteen year chapter of expanding, opening doors, innovating and creating in the highly abundant sign of Taurus.  Choose the fruits of your labors when they are ripe and seize opportunities that come your way now!

The other thing that is very significant is that Neptune, the modern ruler of the Mutable water sign of Pisces and the planet of dreams, the unconscious mind, imagination, intuition, empathy, ascetic love, music, film, fantasy, smoke and mirrors, delusion, deception, and self undoing, transits at the very final degree of Pisces.  Let me make myself clear. This is the FINAL degree of the Zodiac, and this is a really big deal.  

Neptune takes approximately 165 years to transit, and it is now transiting approximately where it was in 1860, which was year that Lincoln was elected President.  Saturn and Neptune are now copresent in the sign of Pisces, which has not happened since the mid 1800s.  They were copresent in the sign of Pisces in 1848 when “The Communist Manifesto” was published.  This was also the beginning of The Gold Rush when many people charged ahead in hopes of dreams, money, and golden paradise.

Many people were chasing paper moons intead.  This is a time to pursue dreams, but keep your head about you. In fact, dreams are the most popular dish on the menu; but, have them with a cup of coffee so that you can stay awake and pick that fruit you have been planting!

Neptune transits at 29 degrees of Pisces from May 4, 2024 through September 3, 2024 and reaches this degree on and off again from March 4, 2025 through February 15, 2026.  The final degrees of Pisces represent the final degrees of the Zodiac and are the composite of all of the karmic lessons of the preceding signs.  28 and 29 degrees of Pisces are associated with a difficult Fixed Star known as Scheat, which is a Fixed star associated with drowning, suicide, self undoing, and being lost at sea. 

I find Scheat to be strong in the chart of Empaths and have noticed this a lot in the past couple of years in doing many different charts through the Pandemic, so this does not mean that everyone that has Scheat is destined to a life of doom.   In face, perhaps their path is to heal. Many seem to have tremendous artist ability as well. 

I do feel in terms of Mundane Astrology, Neptune will be both magical and uncertain with Neptune at the final degree of the Zodiac.  A huge emphasis on the mental crisis is in order and is being scripted for us all to pay attention.  It is critical that with both Saturn and Neptune transiting in the sign of dreams, intuition, illusions, addiction, and depression, that we all heed the lessons of Neptune at the final degree of Pisces where it is right now.  Many people will feel like they cannot reinvent themselves, which is not true.  With Pluto, the planet of transformation, newly in Aquarius, this is a time for invention, reinvention, and community. 

Neptune at 29 degrees of Pisces brings a light to mental health, and it is important to check in with yourself and others that suffer with addiction and depression. The two get close in the sky next Spring at the degrees of Scheat and meet up directly at the very first degree of Aries and at the world point in February of 2026.  A new approach to healing, being imaginative, and connecting to meditation, manifestation, and believing that you are the source of your own inner glimmer.

The New Moon in Taurus reminds you to be a creator.  The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction will occur in Taurus again in a very long time, but this is time to seize those fruits, as that new thirteen year chapter is still on the first page, and you are writing down your intentions with this New Moon of natural abundance. 

This is an excellent time to get your crystals out and have them by your side while you write down your intentions. Given the strong Piscean energy, I carry Tiger’s eye with me all of the time right now in order to ground.  I always have some small, loose Pyrite clusters in my bag because they are my favorite manifesting stones. For me personally, they always bring abundance.  I have a big Big Pyrite Sphere that I got a few years ago, and I call it my rock star crystal. I always have it on my desk or beside me on my couch when I work. Whatever it is for you, get your crystals or your chosen cosmic tools. Perhaps they are cinnamon sticks in your wallet to bring sales and sweetness? Be creative.

I am also fixing my balcony and getting my plants/planets in order. I have a feng shui water fountain that is by my plants, and I love it. It reminds me that in this time, we have to go with the flow in many areas where we have to embrace Piscean themes: surrender, suspension of disbelief, belief in magic, spirituality, kindness, and feelings.

We have to tap into faith, love, compassion, creativity, and seize the time we have now while the fruit is good in Taurus season, and four planets transiting right now in the sign of Taurus, which ruled by the planet Venus, which brings creative skills, Nature, values, money, self esteem, possessions, and ways to earn an income.

This will be a way for us to get through this painful time in the world.  I will in no way deny that the Astrology is tough.  As I write this article, Mercury has a third showdown with Chiron, the wounded healer, which was so pronounced in the Solar Eclipse.  A third opportunity to address the wounds and to reconsider how you can heal yourself.

The New Moon occurs in the Fixed earth sign of Taurus on May 7, 2024 at 11:22 PM EDT at 18 degrees and 2 minutes of the the Venus ruled sign of Taurus.  The New Moon is a time to plant new seeds.  Out of the signs of the Zodiac, Taurus is associated with Nature and with the earth.  The Moon is always an opportune time to plant new seeds literally and metaphorically, write down intentions, manifest, meditate, and visualize.  

With three planets in their home sign, this is a time to go for it!  Jupiter and Uranus are still just a few degrees apart from one another in the sign of Taurus until Jupiter leaves Taurus on May 25, 2024 and enters the mutable air sign of Gemini, where it expands through learning, communication, workshops, sales, marketing, small local businesses, your neighborhood, and travel — usually short distance trips.  Great for taking classes.  For now, plant the garden of your dreams and focus on the issues that have surfaced during this intense time, and how you can open new doors through your subconscious mind.

The New Moon is technically conjunct both Uranus and Jupiter, which pronounces the energy of that big conjunction we all experienced.  It encapulates the chaos and the genius inherent in that planetary combination.  Try to liberate yourself from the fears that may surface now with Neptune at the final degree of Pisces and focus on how you can heal.  Jupiter and Neptune are now working harmony, and those are both the ruler of the sign of Pisces.  This is VERY manifesting energy.  Say affirmations, clear out clutter to make room for abundance, engage in guided meditation that connect you to your dreams, chant, work with crystals, burn palo santo, and do anything that connects you to your own individual magic!

The New Moon is an excellent time to do The Law of Abundance.  Date the check for May 7, 2024.  Where it says, “Pay to the order of, write down your full name.  Leave the small numeric box blank. Where you typicall print out the dollar amount, print, “Paid in Full.” At the bottom of your check, where you typically sign your name, print, “The Law of Abundance.” You can also find one to print on the internet.  Mercury and Chiron are conjunct in Aries and are reminding you to be very brave and structure your dreams with self care.