Post Eclipse Drama: Be courageous!

Hi, Everyone,

It has been quite a time! This Eclipse season has been especially brutal. Eclipses are meant to awaken us and raise our consciousness. They want us to change! Sometimes, it is an issue, a situation, or a relationship in which a situation has been brewing a while and explodes. Eclipses bring messages and news that can change our lives forever in a flash; or at least give us insight as to what we need to change.

Sometimes, out-of-the-blue opportunities and shocking news arrive that change your life forever! Major pivots. Major endings. Major beginnings. Change, change, change. Can you hear David Bowie singing? Ch, ch, changes!

Eclipses are like wild cards. You know they will bring a lot of activity, big news, and big changes in a short period of time; but, you do not know exactly how it will transpire. Much like the planet Uranus, the Great Awakener, Eclipses wake us up in a very disruptive manner. Big endings can happen on New Moon Eclipses, and big beginnings can occur on Full Moon Eclipses. 

The first Eclipse was Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus that occurred at 10 degrees and 28 minutes of the Fixed sign of Taurus in its exaltation, which is lovely and creative. Venus and Jupiter were beautifully placed in Pisces and became exactly conjunct on the day of the Eclipse showing so much creative potential. Uranus, the planet of shock and surprise, was combined with this Eclipse in Taurus and brought a lot of twists and turns in a beautiful Solar Eclipse chart.

I had three people have amazing opportunities that occurred right after that Eclipse, which will change their lives. Contracts were signed in spite of Mercury retrograde because you do not pass up on fated opportunities that fall into your lap during Eclipse season. The Nodes of Fate are very aligned with Eclipses and can bring very fated events and meetings. Unfortunately, I also had a couple of friends and clients get very devastating news of sudden loss and endings. 

The second Eclipse was a lot more harsh, as it was a Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio that occurred at 25 degrees and 18 minutes of the fixed sign of Scorpio and clashed with Saturn, planet of karma and restrictions. The moon does not like being in Scorpio, as it is in its fall position. The moon is how you get your needs met, and it is tough while in Scorpio. This was a South Node Eclipse, in which there is something you need to release.

Scorpio is a very psychological sign that represents death, loss, buried painful emotions, debt, taxes, and credit. It also deals with intimacy, sexuality, power, transformation, and healing. This Lunar Eclipse sparred with the planet of reality and wants you to purge that what keeps you from healing and transcending. Not an easy Eclipse by any means. 

Add to all of that the fact that Mercury retrograded in its domicile in the sign of Gemini on May 10, 2022 at 4 degrees and 50 minutes of Gemini. Mercury rules the Air sign of Gemini and tells a lot of tales and gives even more information. This brought an even more introspective tone to these Eclipses and summoned the past.

On the day that Mercury stationed retrograde, Jupiter changed signs! That is a new trend we are all seeing that Jupiter transits an entire sign by the middle of the year and goes on to the next. Jupiter is now transiting in the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries, where it is fiery, passionate, courageous, irascible, impulsive, explosive, and reactive. Mars is the ancient ruler of the sign of Scorpio, and this brought a very tone to the skies! Right before the Eclipses occurred, there was a stellium of five planets transiting the mutable water sign of Pisces at the end of April, and this gave us a preview of the Age of Pisces. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and vision, met up with Neptune, planet of dreams, at 23 degrees of Pisces.  This cycle had not occurred for over 165 years, and it represents incredible magic, miracles, creativity, and love. Jupiter expands that with which it comes into contact, and Pisces on the more challenging front represents delusion, addiction, deception, and confusion. Unfortunately, the mental illness factor is also expanding, people are relapsing, and mental health is a big focus. It is not surprising giving the time in which we are living, but addiction and mental illness will be a focus during the Age of Pisces.

As I write this article, the moon is in Pisces. Mars is at its final degree of Pisces, which is the final degree of the Zodiac. This is a degree of endings and lethargy. We are still processing the Eclipse aftermath. Mercury is still retrograde, but it re-entered the fixed Earth sign of Taurus on May 22, 2022. It stations direct on June 3, 2022 at 26 degrees and 5 minutes of Taurus and triggers the recent heavy Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. More information to move ahead, as you process. 

Mars changes signs later today on May 24, 2022 at 7:17 am EDT. No more lethargy. A lot more fire! The moon enters the sign of Aries right before at 5:39 am EDT, and it meets up with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, at 10:27 pm EDT. What a portent of a blazing and flaming summer ahead! Mars is at the world point on May 24th and May 25th, and this brings a very heated and hot-headed energy that we will all feel in some way. It is a degree of new beginnings; but, people will be explosive and charged up in a major way!

Mars rules the sign of Aries, and it is excellent at charging ahead, taking action, and getting things done. I have noticed that since Jupiter changed signs and entered Aries, there have unfortunately been a lot more shootings. Also, the wild fires increased.
Mars rules the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries, and it also rules guns, ammunition, anger, and aggression. Jupiter transits in the sign of Aries through October 28, 2022 when it re-enters the final degrees of Pisces, where Mars is currently transiting before it enters Aries.
Jupiter expands the good and bad. It is the Grand Benefic, and it represents hope, growth, optimism, vision, and good fortune.

When Mars joins the party, this amplifies the fire. Tap into the higher form: the enthusiasm, passion, and courage. Aries is a fearless sign,  and it catalyzes things and makes them happen.
Be courageous to move ahead and follow your pursuits. Bear in mind that we can all be more impulsive and easily triggered with this heavy Aries energy in the upcoming weeks and months. Work out, have sex, get work done, and do things in a healthy way to release all of that energy. 

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, spars with Pluto, the planet of death and regeneration, on May 27, 2022 at 2:29 am EDT. This can cause triangles, power struggles, and breakups. Try to purge toxic patterns in your relationships and cleanse the energy! Venus changes signs on May 28, 2022 at 10:46 am EDT, where it will tour through June 22, 2022. Venus loves being in Taurus! It is creative, romantic, tactile, and sensuous. This is a time of beauty and to grow things in your life!

Mars meets up with Jupiter, the planet of good luck, on May 29, 2022 at 6:31 AM EDT. This is usually a lucky aspect, but it also could expand the fire while in Aries. Be extra careful this holiday weekend of candles, barbecues, fireworks, etc. 

There is a New Moon that takes place on May 30, 2022 at 7:30 AM EDT that occurs at 9 degrees and 3 minutes of the Mutable Air Sign of Gemini. The good news is that this New Moon officially releases Eclipse season; although, many of you are still working with what occurred during this very powerful Eclipse time. 

The New Moon is always a time to set new intentions and plant new seeds. The sign of Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, so an excellent use is to say affirmations out loud and write down intentions. The New Moon is in harmony with Jupiter, the planet of joy; as well as Mars, the planet of action and passion.

Mars and Jupiter are conjunct within a degree and add an extra dose of passion to the New Moon. Saturn, the planet of karma and structure, squares the Nodes of Karma and invites you to make decisions regarding your future and the direction you want to take. 

I cast the chart for Washington DC, and the chart as Cancer Ascendant, which means that the Moon rules he chart. The New Moon itself falls in the house of intuition and empathy. Mars is now in Aries in its dignity; Venus is now in Taurus — also in its dignity. When planets are in the sign they rule, it brings more cosmic assistance.

The New Moon is an excellent time to set new intentions and plant new seeds. It is an excellent time to do the Law of Abundance to attract abundance in any form. Take a blank check and date it for May 30, 2022. Where it says, “Pay to the Order of, ” print your full name. Where you would normally print the dollar amount, print, “Paid in Full.” At the bottom of the check where you would normally sign your name, “Print, “The Law of Abundance.” I wish you much luck!