Saturn enters Pisces: Anchor the unimaginable.

Hi, Everyone,

As I write this article, Venus and Jupiter are dancing in the fiery and passionate fire sign of Aries. Venus is technically in its detriment while in Aries, as it rules the opposite sign of Libra and can be a bit aggressive in this placement. Nonetheless, it had a meetup with Jupiter, the luckiest planet, at 12 degrees of Aries on 3/1/23 at 9:36 pm PT and on 3/2 at 12:36 am ET.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars. The synergy of the planets encourages you to be brazen about love and what you want. Don’t overdo it, as Venus in Aries really loves the chase.

However, fight for love and take take new steps forward to magnetize desire in a foggy time ahead. With Saturn entering the mysterious and highly emotional sign of Pisces, it can feel like navigating a mystical quagmire, in which you can muster magic; or you can sink.

Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces. It rules the imagination and the subconscious mind. In order to really manifest, you must tap into that part of your brain and really believe it to be possible.

Neptune’s imagination is infinite and miraculous. Pisces is the sign of dreamers, mystics, musicians, magicians, misfits, and the miracle workers; it is also a sign of escapists, the deluded, the deceivers, and the defeated. It is a sign of self-undoing, and it can represent the con artist at the lowest form. On the highest level, Pisces is a sign of pure and selfless love. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and can produce unparalleled art.

As Venus and Jupiter share some ambrosia together, we get a brief and bold taste of bliss in a time of sadness. Ahead of us is quite a journey. Saturn, the planet of karma, restrictions, and achievement, is currently transiting at the final degree of Aqurius and is the summation of the past few years of Saturn’s transit in Aquarius, which initially began on 3/23/20 through 7/1/20 and returned on 12/20/20, where it will transit through March 7, 2023 when Saturn changes signs and has its ingress into the mutable water sign of Pisces.

Saturn in Aquarius this past round has been the Saturn Return of the Internet, which began in 1991 when Saturn was at 2 degrees of Aquarius. The World Wide web became public domain on April 30, 1994 when Saturn was transiting at 29 degees of Aquarius, where it is currently transiting. Technology is taking a whole other form, and every business has become more digitized than ever. How you pay and receive money, how you learn, and how small businessess interface has changed immensely in the past three years.

The Saturn Return of the Internet also brings to light how alienated we have all become; how accustomed we are to instant groceries or a car in five minutes. Critifcal thinking gets compromised when every number is saved on your phone, and you no longer have to memorize. The Dewey Decimal sysem sounds like a legal system; but, it is how we once researched books at the library and had to do research on our own.

It has been said before, and I re-emphasize the point in light of the astrology: In the time of the internet and social media, we become closer to those whom we may never have met; yet, we become further alienated from those closest to us. Aquarius represents friendships, community, and networks. It it a reminder not to take your friendships for granted and become alienated on your own spaceship because that could really happen in some form.

Mercury is transiting at the final degrees of Aquarius, where it is brilliant and exalted. Mercury meets up with Saturn on March 2, 2023 at 9:34 am EST at 29 degrees and 22 minutes of Aquarius. This is a time to make decisions. This is a time to reflect on the lessons you have learned or still struggle with in the past few years. While Saturn does change signs and leaves Aquarius; we are in no way done with the Aquarian story. Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, enters Aquarius on March 23, 2023 and will transit there on and off through January of 2043. Big societal changes and more of a digital revolution ahead of us.

Mercury enters the mutable water sign of Pisces on March 2, 2023 at 5:52 pm EST, where it will transit through March 18/19th, 2023. This is yet another preview for all of us to pay attention to the messages that come up in the next couple of weeks with Mercury, the cosmic messenger and planet of information, transiting in Pisces, where Saturn will be through February 15, 2026. Mercury in Pisces is an excellent time for being creative, journaling, getting more rest, meditatin, and relaxation.

I think of Pisces as a sign of surrendering. As you let yourself unwind more, the psychic and inuititive messages will pour through and to you, as Pisces is the most psychic sign of the zodiac. Pay attention to your inner voice and listen. Songs and dreams have messages now. They come in all forms and not necessarily through words.

Venus meets up with Chiron, the wounded healer, on March 3, 2023 at 13 degrees of Aries — just a degree off from Jupiter, the planet of expansion. This brings up the woundedness and vulnerability around partnerships, but it encourages you to be strong and face your wounds with courage.

It is amazing to write this now, as this is the month of CHANGE! Saturn is less than a week away from entering Pisces, and it will focus so much on mental illness, addiction, depression, and anxiety. Two rounds of Saturn in Pisces that stand out occurred from March 23, 1964 through March 3, 1967. The time before that was February 14, 1935 through January 14, 1938.

Although it did not begin in the mid 1960s, there was a huge musical renaissance going on throughout the 1960’s. The fashion was as fun and wild as the music. It really interplayed in a time, where there was a lot of chaos, upheaval, death, and war. By the mid 1960s, there was a big heroin and drug crisis, which unfortunately and inevitably killed a lot of the magic and people behind it. A lot of loss among young people. Music and spirituality were big tools young people used to get them through that time; as well as sheer creativity.

In 1935, Alcoholic Anonymous was formed during the Great Depression when very little known about addiction, and it was stigmatized as being immoral and was completely misunderstood as being an illness. With Saturn about to enter Pisces these next few years in another sad time in history, there will be more progress in mental health.

There will be a huge focus on music and the performing arts, as this field has suffered so much in the past few years. Neptune and Pisces are so connected to to the arts, as Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. Pisces and music go together; as well as all forms of the arts. You really want to pay attention to songs you hear at a time where something just connects, or you get some insight. Music is a big guide for all in the next few years. I cannot say it will be the 1960s, but I feel a huge revival and revolution with music and all mediums of art.

Saturn enters Pisces, and we will all employ the healing arts much more as a society: developing your intuition, engaging in energy work like reiki; as well as other other forms of healing work, tarot, crystals, dream interpretation, journaling, manifesting, chanting, etc. Music and the arts are key during this time of mutable water; a sense of feeling lost at sea.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, enters 0 degrees of Aquarius from March 23, 2023 through June 10, 2023 when it re-enters Capricorn, which it wraps up for good by beginning of 2024. This will help various artists and performers that have been unable to work to create new ways of reaching audiences and earning money.
Focusing on events in real life with music, arts, and sports is critcal to mental health and supporting the arts.

There will be focus on building community, as long as do not get too carried away with AI and further alienation of critical thinking and HUMAN LIFE! A lot to ponder, as we gear up to Saturn’s ingress into the sign of Pisces on March 7, 2023 at 8:35 am EST. Of course, there will be a Full Moon on that date to add some more drama to the event, but I will cover that at a future time.

Pay attention this week to whom you meet, and the opportunities that emerge. What do you want to plan now that Saturn is changing signs and anchoring another goal? Focus hard and pay attention to what comes up for you this month, as it is a big guide for the next few years of Saturn in Pisces !