Supermoon in Capricorn: What is real?

Hi, Everyone, This is a very heavy week, and I try to choose what I write very carefully. This is type of week that could have consequences. Mercury is currently out-of-bounds through July 13th, which means that it exceeds the Sun’s outer bounds and does not play by the rules. Mercury represents the way you think, how you process and break down information, and how you communicate. When Mercury transits in the sign of Cancer, people process information based on their feelings. When Mercury is out-of-bounds, it can feel like a mini Mercury retrograde. Mercury plays tricks. The Moon rules the Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer, and we are approaching the biggest Supermoon of the year on July 13, 2022! Let me frame the tone of the week and the rest of the month. I ask that you please do not share political comments on my page because what is important to me is to get the message out to everyone in a time when the country and world are SO divided and straying from love and compassion.

In the New Age of Aquarius, we seek and need unity and community; but, that seems very difficult to form amongst the chaos and loss. I have been avoiding the topic of the Pluto Return because it feels and seems very ominous; yet, I need to address it and deal with it myself. On July 12, 2022, The United States has a second exact hit of its Pluto Return when Pluto returns to the degree at which it was transiting when The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776. A planetary return occurs when the planet returns to the degree in was when a person or event were born. In this case, it was the birth of the nation of the United States of America. At that time, Pluto was transiting at 27 degrees and 33 minutes of the Cardinal Earth Sign of Capricorn. Pluto takes approximately 248 years to orbit the Sun. It is the planet that represents power, death, and rebirth; as well as shared resources, debt, and taxes. Pluto is creation and destruction. Pluto may have been demoted to the status of “Dwarf planet,” but Pluto can deal a blow like no other. Individuals do not experience their own Pluto Returns, as people luckily do not live that long! However, anyone who has ever experienced a Pluto transit is fully aware of the metamorphosis involved; how deeply psychological and intense the whole Plutonian journey can be. Pluto brings a sense of destiny and fate. The United States is experiencing a cosmic rebirth. Pluto destroys, and Pluto creates.

The first exact hit of the Pluto Return for The United States occurred on 2/22/22. Quite cosmic! The second hit is 7/12/22. The third and final hit occurs on 12/28/22. This is a time of change, death, and renewal. Pluto can tear things apart, but it brings birth to new things. It detoxifies and eliminates, so that we can transcend. The country is divided, but everyone wants change!

I pray that there is a spiritual awakening where people address mental illness, depression, and loss. All of us are hurt, but it feels impossible to come together. No matter what I dream, I can say that change is here!

This is a time to seek power in the highest form and to evolve yourself as we deal with this on the collective. A Pluto transit usually takes about two years, so it is still in effect in 2023. The results can linger for a few years, and they bring permanent change.

The other headline act is the biggest Supermoon of the year in Capricorn! The Full Moon occurs on July 13, 2022 at 21 degrees and 21 minutes of the Cardinal Earth Sign of Capricorn at 2:38 pm EDT. This Full Moon sets off the legendary meetup of the two malefics of the Zodiac: Saturn and Pluto.

Saturn represents karma, restrictions, limitations, and reality. Saturn rules the Cardinal Earth Sign of Capricorn. Pluto is the celestial destroyer that eliminates what we no longer need in order that we transcend and transform. Pluto rules the Fixed Water Sign of Scorpio. Saturn and Pluto meet up in the sky approximately every 37 years. On January 12, 2020, they met up at 22 degrees of the Cardinal Earth Sign of Capricorn, which is at the world. There are certain degrees in Astrology that correspond to the world point. When someone has planets or angles at the world chart, they become more well known and esteemed in what they do; or they can become world famous. When outer planets transit or meet up together at the world point, they are felt worldwide. This was the height of the Epoch of Capricorn, and that unforgettable pairing of Saturn and Pluto brought down many structures in our world with much scaffolding and repair. This Full Moon speaks right back to January of 2022, and it reminds us to commit to and structure what is important. The moon in Capricorn is a “no nonsense” moon. To what do you want to commit and build? This is the biggest Supermoon of the year in that it is closest to the Earth out of all of this year’s full moons that occur in 2022.

The moon is in its detriment while in Capricorn. It is a moon that makes you aware of what you need to take care, what you need to work on, and what you need to repair. If something is not working, this Full Moon will make it even more apparent. It is conjunct Pluto, the planet of elimination, by six degrees. It insists that you release your fear and take agency to take the micro steps to build something solid.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, forms a beautiful aspect to Saturn, the planet of structure, on July 13, 2022 at 12:24 am EDT. This is about bringing structure to what you value. The Full Moon itself occurs at 2:38 pm EDT just than half a degree from the world point.

Mercury and Uranus form a very harmonious aspect on the day of the Full Moon at 8:17 pm EDT. Mercury is the planet of learning, connecting, and transporting. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury and represents innovation and flashes of the future. When the two form a lucky aspect known as a sextile, which is an easy flow of energy, this is a time to innovate solutions around the lessons you need to face. This is highly innovative energy!

Venus clashes with Neptune, planet of dreams and delusion, on July 14, 2022 at 1:24 am EDT. Neptune can dissolve things and wash them away. This embodies the collective sadness and disappointment; but, where are the dreams? I say this in all naivete, but where are the dreams?

The North Node of Destiny transits in the Fixed Earth Sign of Taurus through July 12, 2022. Venus rules the sign of Taurus and represents your resources, possessions, and value system. With the North Node transiting in the highly creative and resourceful sign of Taurus, it is time to grow something beautiful in your life.

Focus on nature and the organic in this very inorganic New Age of Aquarius. The artists, musicians, empaths, and misfits must know that we are all needed in this alienated time more than ever. Grow something beautiful. Just the facts, ma’am, but I beg that you do not give up on dreams, beauty, and art.

This Full Moon forms a beautiful aspect known as a trine to Uranus, the planet of inventiveness. This is when the planets are 120 degrees apart from one another, and they flow together and work in harmony. Innovation in facing the limits. This is what we have been dealing with since Saturn started transiting back and forth between Capricorn and the very early degrees of Aquarius in 2020: being innovative within restriction and distancing.

The Moon also forms a beautiful trine to the North Node of Destiny. Use your resources and knowledge to create something solid. With the Full moon conjunct Pluto, release what is keeping you from your goals. Burn palo santo, ask for guidance, and cleanse your crystals. Most importantly, become more strategic as to how you can achieve the dream!