Solar Eclipse in Libra: Fight for love!

Hi, Everyone,

Eclipse season is here, and the intensity is high in the sky! Eclipses are wild cards that bring a lot of drama and change in a very short period of time. They shake us out of complacency in order that we wake up and evolve. Sometimes, things have been brewing for a long time and finally explode. Other times, something or someone can be eclipsed out of our lives in an instant, and that can feel more Uranian in nature in that Eclipses are heightened energy, but they are also HIGHLY unpredictable! Eclipses bring big news of major news events and events in our own lives. They mark major beginnings, endings, and turning points. Other times, Eclipse are Uranianian in nature in that something or someone can be eclipsed in or out of our lives in an instant!

My old Astrology teacher used to say about Uranus cycles, “Expect the unexpected.” I think the same can be said of Eclipses in that you know a lot will happen in a short period of time, but you do not know exactly how it will play out, and there can be HUGE surprises!

The annual Solar Eclipse occurs on October 14, 2023 at 21 degrees and 6 minutes of the Cardinal air sign of Libra. Solar Eclipses are like new moons on steroids. However, this is a South Node Eclipse, which means there is a lot of release, departures, and endings of partnerships, as Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac and is the sign of partnerships.

I do need to write that these are highly volatile and sad times in the world. The Astrology is very volatile, and I touched upon that in my last article and recent videos; but, I will dive a bit more into that. Pluto, the planet of power, death, rebirth, intimacy, and big money, stationed direct on October 10, 2023 at 27 degrees and 53 minutes of the Cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. We feel the buildup of Pluto’s station five days before and five days afterwards. Pluto’s station intensifies all of it’s attributes: power, manipulation, cruelty, transformation, death, rebirth, joint resources, inheritance, debt, and intimacy. Pluto cycles can bring BIG departures; as well as issues with power and money. Capricorn is a sign that represents big corporations, governments, those in authority, restrictions, and karmic challenges.

Mars built up to a challenging square with Pluto last weekend and peaked on October 8, 2023 at 27 degrees of Libra and Capricorn respectively. Mars is the God of war, and Pluto is the higher octave of Mars. Think back to the last round of Eclipses when the Eclipse series began in Aries/Libra. The Solar Eclipse on April 20, 2023 was at 29 degrees and 20 minutes of the Cardinal fire sign of Aries, which is ruled by Mars. The Nodes of Fate changed signs over the summer and entered the Aries/Libra axis, where they will transit through January 12, 2025. The Eclipse on April 20, 2023 was at 29 degrees of Aries and was at the final degree of Aries, which was immediately triggered on July 17th when the North Node of Karma came right to that point.

Pluto, the planet of death and power, formed three exact squares with the Nodes of Fate in the month of July and triggered that Solar Eclipse in Aries, which was at the final degree of Aries and is ruled by the planet Mars. Pluto in Capricorn clashed three times with the Nodes of Fate on July 23rd, July 25th, and July 28th, 2023. Those were three exact squares at the last degrees — bringing down power structures in our lives and on the world stage. Pluto completes its journey in Capricorn altogether on November 19, 2025; but, it is not done yet, as is quite clear on the world stage.

The Annual Solar Eclipse occurs on October 14, 2023 at 21 degrees and 7 minutes of the Cardinal air sign of Libra. This is less than a degree from the world point, which brings BIG world events and also impacts each and every one of us; as we are the world. Planets and Eclipses that transit at 0 and 22 degrees of the Cardinal signs impact everyone: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. This Solar Eclipse occurs just by the world point and also immediately triggers the legendary pairing of Saturn and Pluto. The two malefics of the Zodiac met up on January 12, 2020 and brought permanent change to the structures of our world.

This Solar Eclipse in Libra defaults to that sad and unforgettable Saturn/Pluto combo that forever changed the structures in our lives. This Eclipse in Libra is just off from the world point and is also conjunct two fixed stars known as Arcuturus and Spica, which are now at 24 degrees of Libra. These two fixed stars deal with acclaim and prosperity, but they can also be associated with belligerence. Arcturus can be quite quarrelsome; but, individuals that have points in their birth charts at approximately 24 degrees of Libra tend to have great ambition to achieve and are usually quite successful.

I cast the Solar Eclipse chart to Washington DC, and it has Capricorn Ascendant with the ruler of the chart being Saturn, which is currently at the very first degree of the mutable water sign of Pisces, which is at 0 degrees of Pisces. This speaks back to when Saturn initially entered the sign of Pisces on March 7, 2023, where it will tour on and off through February 15, 2026. Saturn in Pisces is very tentative at getting things done and feels lost at sea.

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the earth stands between the moon and the sun and cuts off the light of the Sun. Eclipses make you see things in a way like you never have before, and they brings things to light. I have watched how Eclipses play out in clients’ lives for quite a while now, and I have seen major endings occur on New Moon (Solar) Eclipses; I have also seen major beginnings occur on Lunar (Full Moon) Eclipses. Eclipse season can bring major opportunities and beginnings that one should seize, but this Solar Eclipse squares Pluto, the cosmic compost, which brings major endings and battles.

Mars, which is the lower Octave of Pluto, is the modern ruler of the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries and the ancient rules of the Fixed water sign of Scorpio. Pluto’s energy was heightened when it came to a cosmic clash with Mars, God of war, on October 8th, 2023. The two set off the Mars ruled Solar Eclipse that occurred in Aries on 4/20/23.

In the Solar Eclipse chart, the Eclipse squares Pluto, the cosmic compost, which means there are inevitably endings in partnerships and on many levels in this Solar Eclipse. Mars entered its dignity when it entered the sign of Scorpio on October 12, 2023, where it will transit through November 24, 2023. Mars was in its detriment when it clashed with Pluto and triggered the unrest in the Middle East, which has been going on for years. There was also a huge Earthquake that occurred in Afghanistan. So much Mars/Pluto energy at play.

Mars is now in a sign where it is described like a dog after a bone, and in which it is unstoppable. Mars is in its dignity in Scorpio and is the highest point in this Solar Eclipse chart. It also defaults back to the Solar Eclipse that occurred at 2 degrees of Scorpio on October 25, 2022 and was exactly conjunct Venus in Scorpio.

Mars is conjunct the South Node of Karma out-of-sign. Eris, the goddess of discord and Mars’ sister, is exactly on top of the North Node of Karma in Aries. Eris is also clashing with Pluto, and there are heavy, heavy power struggles on the world stage and in our own lives. What do you need to do to release the pain and anger? We need to heal together, and now there are even more broken people with Saturn in Pisces, which is a time when PTSD sounds like a supplement you buy at Vitacost. The fact that this Eclipse is at the world point and is squaring Pluto at the late degrees of Capricorn makes this Eclipse monumental. It is also in the Via Combusta, which is from 15 degrees of Libra to 15 degrees of Scorpio. It is known as the fiery way and was considered hazardous in Ancient Astrology.

There is very strong Mars energy in this chart, so you have to fight for love and realize that people are on the warpath. If a relationship is rocky, and you wish to save it, try to wait until the Eclipse energy tempers a bit. People can be eclipsed out of our lives, and this particular Eclipse will entail a lot breakups and endings with Pluto in combat with both the Eclipse, the Nodes of Fate, Mars, and Eris. This is excellent energy for detoxing, fasting, and doing shadow work.

Get rid of clutter, throw things out, burn palo santo or sage, and make space for love. The Solar Eclipse is a time to do the Law of Abundance and set new intentions. Date the check for October 14th. Where it says, “Pay to the order of, print your full name. Leave the small numeric box blank. Where you normally print the dollar amount, print, “Paid in Full.” At the bottom of the check, where you normally sign your name, print, “The Law of Abundance.” My heart and prayers are with everyone affected by the tragic war in the Middle East, and I pray in the dark with rest of you for something unobtainable called peace.