Supermoon in Pisces: A Moon for the Broken Hearted

Hi, Everyone,

How wild that I just sat down with my fingers magically typing for themselves, and that it took me just twenty minutes to complete this. If only that were true! It has taken me close to two hours to unwind. The lighting and day are perfect. Everything is quiet, but there is a need to focus and pay attention. A need to listen to the crickets chirping at night, and the children playing during the day. I have been unable up until this moment.

On August 23rd, we entered Virgo season when the Sun entered the mutable earth sign of Virgo, where it transits through September 22nd, 2023. Mercury, which happens to rule both the mutable signs of Gemini and Virgo, retrograded on the very same day.

Mercury is in its domicile while in the sign of Virgo and loves being in this sign, where it happens to be very detail oriented with facts, analytical, and communicative. Mercury represents thoughts, ideas, communication, news, information, local environment, sales, and transportation.

When Mercury initially retrograded, there were three points in the sign of Virgo: Mercury, which is how you communicate your ideas; The Sun, which is how your shine; and Mars, which is how you get things done.

This retrograde period is a big one because Mercury retrograded in its dignity with an opposition to Neptune, the planet of mysteries, ghosts, and hidden information. This is a time where a lot of hidden information gets revealed and brought to light. This is a time where silent victims’ voices may finally be heard.

There are a few other factors that contribute to this being a very informative and deep retrograde season. To begin with, Venus is currently retrograde, and that only happens once every eighteen months. Venus is also a personal planet; but, this is a far bigger deal, because it happens less frequently, and it represents relationships, business partnerships, money, value, and love.

Venus, the love goddess, entered the fiery and flamboyant fixed fire sign of Leo on June 5, 2023, where it will burn up, dazzle, and shine through October 8, 2023. Venus loves to have attention, romance, and some fun while in the sign of Leo. Venus retrograded on July 22, 2023 at the Royal Fixed Star known as Regulus.

Regulus is the most royal of the fixed stars, and one where you can gain prominence and position if you have planets or angles at these degrees, which is between 27 and 29 degrees of Leo in the 20th century; it is now at 0 degrees of Virgo by precession. If you have something close to the late degrees of Leo, it is at this fixed star, which can really make you stand out amongst the crowd.

When Venus retrograded at this point, it did so to remind us that each of us has a little bit of magic that makes each one of us special and stand out in our very own way. It is time to honor the star within you — even if you are afraid. Venus in Leo cannot be ignored!

These are tenative times, and my heart feels much more drawn to the Piscean story of victims and helping the helpless. Saturn in Pisces dictates uncertain and stormy seas. Neptune is currently transiting at the final degrees of Pisces inconjunct to where Venus retrograded in July. This speaks to those that feel unheard.

This speaks to all of the collective and incomprehensible loss. 29 degrees of Pisces is the final degree of the Zodiac, and it masters all of the lessons of the preceding signs. It is also by the fixed star known as Scheat, which is at 28 to 29 degrees of the mutable water sign of Pisces.

Scheat is the fixed star associated with loss, drowning, and self undoing. I also feel it is a degree very associated with empaths and people that connect to the broken and wounded and can help those that cannot help themselves. In this current broken world, that is quite a beautiful thing to be be able to do.

Just as the Mercury retrograde story begins, Uranus retrogrades on August 28, 2023 at 10:39 pm EDT at 23 degrees and 4 minutes of the fixed earth sign of Taurus. We feel the buildup five days before and five days after, and that brings a lot of twists and turns. The energy of Uranus is magnified in every way: brilliance, enlightenment, networking, excitement, chaos, disruption, and upheaval, and sudden fixed and fast change.

You can listen to Nat King Cole’s velvet voice croon and advise you to, “Straighten up and fly right,” but it will be impossible to follow a straight line. Why would you want to in the first place when you may actually be able to soar to new heights when you let yourself breathe.

Uranus wants you to break free. Yes, chaos follows, but what do you expect? It also gives some insights, excitement, and more answers. More revelations. Uranus reminds me both of the Fool Card and The Tower card. Uranus is like the Fool card in that it can bring you to situations, people, and events that you never would expect to happen and to have a sense of excitement and anticipation towards roads not yet pursued.

Uranus also reminds me of the Tower card in that things can explode, implode, and change in an instant. It may shake and wake you up, but it may be the best thing that ever happened, too.
Mars changed signs on August 27, 2023 and entered the Cardinal air sign of Libra, where it will parner through October 12, 2023. Mars is in its detriment while in Libra, as it rules the opposte sign of Aries.

With Mars in Libra, it is time to partner with many people, and it is very likely that various partnerships from different stages of life could resurface. Or you reconnect and partner with old projects and things you want to tweak and finetune while Mercury is retrograde in Virgo.

This summer is a time to focus on the heart chakra, healing, and love. The Venus Starpoint occurred on August 13, 2023 at 20 degrees of Leo, which invokes a new story of what you want and to take personal inventory on how to achieve that goal. Venus was retrograde during that Starpoint and formed an inferior conjunction, which means that Venus was nestled between the Earth and the Sun. The love is within you to shine, pour out, and magnetize to you! The creativity, magic, and inner child is within you as well.

There is a Blue Moon/Supermoon/wacky moon that occurs on August 30, 2023. You know it’s going to extra wacky when it is a full moon in Pisces — just that in and of itself. Pisces is a mutable water sign that is incredibly psychic, creative, dreamy, intuitive; as well as delusional, confused, and deceptive. This Supermoon will supercharge the intensity of emotions and perceptions. Yet, nothing is real. Or is it?

This is a Blue moon in that it is the second Full moon of the month. It is a supermoon in that the full moon concurs with the moon’s closest approach to the Earth and makes it extra intense and potent. Vivid dreams, psychic intuititon, and signs in so many way will present themselves to you. A glass of water under your bed can absorb negativity if you do not have a cat that will knock it down. A bowl of salt by your bed or a himalyan salt lamp is also a great way to absorb negativity.

This Supermoon occurs on August 30, 2023 at 9:36 pm EDT at 7 degrees and 25 minutes of the mutable water sign of Pisces. This defaults back to where Saturn, the cosmic taskmaster and authoritarian of the Zodiac, retrograded on June 17, 2023 when Saturn retrograded right at the world point at 7 degrees and 12 minutes of Pisces. Seven degrees of the mutable signs is at the world point and has big world events, hits people on the world stage, and affects each and every one of us. The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. This Full moon speaks back to that time.

Keep in mind that when Saturn does station direct on November 4, 2023, it will station at 0 degrees of Pisces, which means that each of us has a chance to retrace and re-do the Saturn in Pisces story thus far.

In this Full Moon chart, there are six planets retrograde: Mercury, the planet of communication; Venus, the planet of relationships; Saturn, planet of structure and karma; Uranus, planet of awakening; Neptune, planet of dreams; and Pluto, planet of transformation and death. Jupiter is in its shadow, as it is about to retrograde on September 4, 2023 at 15 degrees and 34 minutes of the fixed earth sign of Taurus, where we feel the buildup five days before and five days afterwards.

Jupiter is also at the world point, which is at fifteen degrees of fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. This intensifies the karmic nature of this summer and early fall. It defaults back to the Total Lunar Eclipse from November 8, 2022, which occcured at 16 degrees of Taurus and was exactly conjunct Uranus, the planet of tubulence. This is a time to better, expand, and bring light to that challenging time.

This Full Moon in Pisces is a time to weep for all that you have lost and to tap into dreams that you do not believe possible, or that may take time and patience. Whatever you do, it is essential that you hold on to your dreams.

I cast the chart for Washington DC, and the chart has Aries Ascendant with Jupiter and Uranus both conjunct albeit at a wide orb in Taurus in the first house urging you to take risks and create something organic on your own that brings value to your life and others. The Moon itself is combined with Saturn in Pisces speaking to the tentative waters that we all tread together. It falls in the house of friendships and reminds us of all of the friends that we have lost or reconsidered since the pandemic broke.

Let us not give up on hope. Keep treading water, as we figure our plans. There is a Grand Tine with Uranus, the planet of ingenuity; Pallas Athena, the goddess of wisdom; and Pluto, the planet of power. Connect and evolve with brilliant people.

The biggest part of this Supermoon in Pisces is not to give up out of fear because it can pervade your thoughts if you let it. With the moon in Pisces, your mind can travel to weird places. Or it can connect you to your greatest dreams.

Choose the higher form of Pisces and remember that many revelations will occur this fall! This is a time to reconnect to the past in order to move forward with your new Venus starpoint story from August 13th! Time to reassess what you do best and have the courage to bring to the world your own unique shine.