Three planets change signs: The shift is real!

Hi, Everyone,
Allow me to channel this reading and focus on key points, as I know I will not begin to cover all that is ahead this summer and for the remainder of the year.  There three planetary shifts that occurred last week and set the tone for this summer and for the rest of the year.
Venus, the planet of love, value, money, and worth, entered the fixed fire sign of Leo, where it will tour through October 8, 2023.  Venus loves being in the sign of Leo, as it very romantic, playful, and creative when it Leo.  Leo is the sign associated with romance, creativity, and children.  It also symbolizes your inner child.
Currently, both Mars, the planet of action and activity, and Venus, the planet of partnerships, are both transiting in the sign of Leo.  Mars will transit in Leo through July 10, 2023, and the two are playing together in the sky to inspire creative fun, romance, and inspiration for all of us.  This is a very passionate pairing, and LOVE is in the air!  It is also highly creative, as Leo is the most creative of the fire signs.

Add to the fact that Jupiter, the Grand Benefic and the planet of abundance, expansion, and opportunity, entered the fixed earth sign of Taurus on May 16, 2023, where it will tour through May 25, 2023.  Venus, the other benefic of the Zodiac, rules both of the signs of Taurus and Libra.  Taurus is more connected with value, resources, worth, talents, skills, and how one earns an income.  Libra is more focused on partnerships, justice, and romance, as it rules the seventh house of partnerships in Solar Astrology.

Now that Juptier expands the sign of Taurus, this gives each and every one of us an opportunity to use our innate resources, develop our talents, and grow something of value in our lives.  Jupiter met up with the North Node of Karma on June 1, 2023 at 3 degrees and 37 minutes of the fixed earth sign of Taurus, and this sets the tone for the Jupiter in Taurus story, which continues through the end of May of next year with Jupiter’s transit in Taurus.
Jupiter travels with the North Node of Destiny through July 17, 2023 when the Nodes of fate change signs.  For all of us, this is a time to take steps and actions to be part of something that you want to be a part of and to focus on what you want to grow.  Taurus is a sign that is very patient. If you plant a garden, you do not expect everything to bloom at once.  This is a time to focus on what you gives you value in the future.

Regulus is the King Maker and the Queen Maker.  People that have points at this degree are very blessed and lucky and rise above in this lifetime to have a unique destiny or are well renowned in their chosen path.
For all of us, this is a time to really focus on what makes you happy.  Venus meets up with the Sun every eight years in Leo while retrograde to form an inferior conjunction and a Venus Star Point, which is a new eight year cycle of what you want to create, manifest, and have in your life.
Venus and the Sun will meet up in the sky on August 13, 2023 at 20 degrees and 20 minutes of Leo.  August 13th is an opportune time to focus on manifesting with others to help buoy eachother up in your goals and dreams; as well as find time to journal your own intentions and do some form of a ritual to honor this lucky pairing of Venus and the Sun in its dignity in Leo.
When Venus entered Leo, it soon formed an opposition to Pluto, the planet of death, elimination, and regeneration. This sets the tone to the Venus retrograde period in that there has been so much loss in the past few years. 

We just experienced a heavy Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio.  Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio, which is a sign of death and rebirth, taxes, debt, loans, intimacy, healing, and financial partnerships.  This Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on 5/5/23 set off directly both the Total Lunar Eclipse that occured on November 8, 2023 at 16 degrees of Taurus with an exact conjunction to Uranus, planet of chaos.
It also set off the recent Mercury retrograde that occurred at the world point at 15 degrees and 38 minutes of Taurus on 4/21/23; as well as when Jupiter retrogrades in September at the world point again at 15 degrees and 34 minutes of the fixed sign of Taurus on September 4, 2023. 

This will give us all a lot more to work with, heal, bring light, and expansion from what we have been working on with the heavy Eclipse loss and healing; the insights and secrets uncovered both by the recent Eclipses and Mercury retrograde in Taurus.  Jupiter will bring some levity in September and creative expansion to everyone and to the world point — people on the world stage.  Perhaps, there are some big concert tours of blockbusters at that time.  Remind yourself through this journey of Jupiter in Taurus, that it met up early on with the North Node of Destiny in Taurus.  This is your North Star in this journey and a reminder that you have the resources within to create magic and something of value.  This is a time to focus on beauty, nature, love, and your own unique treasure chest.

This is a time of finding something of purpose in your life, and that story really looms through the entire Jupiter in Taurus story through end of May of next year; but, the opportunities to partner and connect are SO strong through mid July, so have your cards ready, take those invites, accept those dates, and be open to opportunities at every corner.
On June 11, 2023, there were some more significant cycles.  Mercury, the planet of communciation, information, sales, marketing, learning, and local community, entered its rulership when it entered the mutable air sign of Gemini, which it rules in Modern Astrology.  Mercury transits in Gemini through June 26, 2023, where is is excellent for all forms of networking, writing, taking classes, local travel, teaching, marketing and sales.
If you have ideas you want to share, now is a time to act with Mercury in its rulership, Jupiter traveling with the North Node of fate through mid July, and Mercury in its rulership through 6/26/23. Jupiter represents higher learning, empirical learning, travel, hope, optimism, and humor.  The North Node represents where you want to go.  Mercury in Gemini is an excellent time for taking day or weekend trips, workshops, webinars, attending local fairs, and journaling what you want to manifest.

Sagittarius is a sign that is focused on wisdom, life experience, knowledge, belief systems, travel, and truth. A total Lunar Eclipse is very powerful. The South Node is only five degrees away from the Moon in Sagittarius. There may be relationships in your life you are releasing or situations that are blocking you from finding your truth.

Take some time to reflect during the Lunar Eclipse on what you want to learn, how you can maintain your optimism and faith, and what you need to purge in order to get on that path. There is so much opportunity to learn and thrive during this summer. This Eclipse season is going to be wild! It will also be incredibly informative.

Go with the flow, tap into Jupiter in Pisces, and clear the negativity out of your space. Energy vampires could be in full force with all of this Piscean energy! We can feel the energy of both of the Eclipses, as the Solar Eclipse occurs on June 10, 2021 at 19 degrees of Gemini during Mercury retrograde and with Venus out-of-bounds.

Find tools to meditate, deep breathe, smudge, do journal, work with your crystals, take extra Epsom salt baths, chant, sing, and visit the ocean if you are able. It’s only just begun!

Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, re-entered the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn also on the date of June 11, 2023, where Pluto will transform through January 21, 2023 when it re-enters the fixed air sign of Aquarius.
Pluto took an initial jump into outer space and dipped its toes into Aquarius.  Talks of AI and further alienation are prevalent; yet, it does provide opportunities to help businesses develop their own assets.  I am wary, but I suppose I will try to be open. Pluto transits in Aquarius on and off through 2024; therefore, the Aquarius story is not going anywhere.
My fear is more alienation and lack of connection in a time where mental illness is such a central theme with Saturn trying to anchor its dreams and find stability in Pisces, which is boundless and represents dreams.  This is a difficult placement for Saturn, and it is the final sign of the Zodiac.  On the highest level Pisces is a sign of selflessness, musical genius, and innate intuition. On the more challenging level, it is also a sign connected with self-undoing, escapism, drugs, alcohol, and deception.  Whenever Saturn transits in Pisces, it seems to be a time when there is a drug epidemic of some form.  Right now, there is the optiate and Fentanyl crisis.

Venus squared Jupiter, the planet of excess, on 6/11/23. It will make that square two more times: On 8/22/23 and on 9/17/23. This can be a time of over-doing it. Again, the challenging part with all of this is the desire to quell the pain of loss that we have endured as a collective but to do so in healing and organic ways with Jupiter in Taurus, which focuses on Mother Nature, living things, beauty, music,food, and nature’s gems. It also expands through focusing on developing our skills, doing things that resonate with our values, and working with our talents.

Pluto is now in the final degrees of Capricorn, and we went through an unforgettable time in 2020 when we experienced what I call, “The Epoch of Capricorn,” during which there were eclipses and several points transiting in Capricorn. Saturn and Pluto which are the two traditional malefics of the Zodiac, met up on 1/12/20 at the world point, which is at 22 degrees of Capricorn and hit each and every one of us. This was karma and loss on the world axis hit unfortunately hit the entire collective; as well as many structures and ways of doing business in our lives that ended permanently. This was also a precursor and a segue into the New Age of Aquarius, in which technology and futuristic ways of doing business pour through with currents and wires tangling up with almost too many ideas and information.

Keep focus on the individual but do not lose all sense of tradition, as we need to learn both good and bad from our past. We were operating under outdated systems, but we do not want to become clones without any sense of connection, and that is where it is so important to focus on local businesses, concerts, shows, fairs, festivals, stores, and keeping connection to community. With Jupiter conjunct the North Node of Karma in the earthy, beautiful, and creative sign of Taurus, you get even more than Jersey tomatoes at your local counter, so get outside and network! #astrology #horoscope #zodiac