Eclipse Season Get Your Chart Now!

Hi, Everyone!
The Eclipses are coming, and they’re going to be huge!  Especially the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th!  Eclipses are dramatic wild cards that wake us up and shake us up to grow and mature.  We get big news of life events like birth announcements, job changes, breakups, moves, fated meetings, and more!  It is not a time to usher ultimatums, as we can literally eclipse people and situations out of our lives.  However, it is a time when we can receive big news that can change our lives forever, and eclipses make us see things in a way that we never have before.

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The Lunar Eclipse is a Full moon on steroids.  It is where you are releasing.  It will be on 3/25/24 at 5 degrees and 7 minutes of Libra.  Libra is very much a relationship oriented sign, and this a south Node Eclipse.  Find out where the Lunar Eclipse falls in your chart to see where you are releasing and letting go.  
The Total Solar Eclipse is like a New Moon on Steroids, and it occurs on 4/8/24 at 19 degrees and 54 minutes of Aries.  This is the BIGGEST Eclipse of the year!  Find out where this Eclipse falls in your chart, as this is where you are experiencing MAJOR change, beginnings, and action!  A new moon is always a time to plant new seeds, but wait till the Eclipses wane a bit unless destiny comes right to your door, which Eclipses often do!