New Moon in Leo: Hot August Night.

Hi, Everyone,

It\’s Leo season, and it\’s the reason to have some fun!  We endured the potent Eclipses with five planets retrograde in July. That was not an easy trip by any means.  I heard so many tales of loss, heavy emotions, and distant painful memories.  Potent Eclipses paired with that relentless Saturn/South Node/Pluto stellium in Capricorn, and it was really tough.  

That Capricorn story is still persistent and is not going anywhere; but, we get a reprieve and many reasons to celebrate in the month of August.  If anything, that lineup should push you to want to do something with your life that brings you joy.  You will face heavy decisions and shifts inevitably in this next year and a half.  Life is short.  Carpe diem!

It is now Leo season, and the energy is shifting!  There is a magical New Moon in Leo on July 31, 2019, which heralds the month of August with promise of new beginnings, fun, creativity, romance, and surprise.  Uranus, the maverick planet, is playing tricks with The Sun and Venus this week; but, it still a lot more light and playful than the month of July by far.  This also helps to end the Eclipse season, which was very potent and difficult.

On July 29, 2019, The Sun in Leo formed a challenging square to Uranus, and this could have brought sudden surprise, changes, or disruption.  This New Moon in Leo helps to bring us hope and enthusiasm.  In this New Moon chart, There is a stellium in the fixed fire sign of Leo: Venus, the planet of love and beauty;  The Sun, which is life force and ego; The moon, which represents security; Mars,which is the planet of action; Juno, the asteroid, which represents partnering.  That is a whole of lot of Leo!  Fire signs are enthusiastic, and Leo is very fiery and passionate. At its worst, Leo can be a bit too self centered; but, who cares after the month of July?  

The sign of Leo rules the heart chakra and the heart path.  The New Moon is a time to initiate new beginnings and plant new seeds. What makes your heart happy? This is such a creative New Moon chart with the Leo stellium falling in the fifth house of romance and creativity, which is the Leo house in Astrology.  It is time to pursue your heart path.  With Venus conjunct the Sun and Moon in the house of creativity and love affairs, this is a time for love!  Time to create.  Time to open your heart.  Time to tap into your inner child. 

It is interesting that the Ascendant of the New Moon chart falls at 22 degrees of Aries, which is 22 degrees Cardinal.  That degree gets reinforced over and over by many different planets, and this is the world axis, which makes it more powerful and perceptible.

Pluto, the planet of transformation and purging, stationed retrograde at 23 degrees of the Cardinal sign of Capricorn at end of April.  The Lunar Eclipse was at 24 degrees of Capricorn and only a degree away.  Mercury, planet of communication, thoughts, and ideas, stations direct at 23 degrees of the Cardinal sign of Cancer on the day of the New Moon in Leo. This helps to process all of the messages, lessons, and experiences from the Eclipse season.  Not to mention the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction that occurs on January 12, 2020 falls at 22 degrees of Capricorn.  

Pay attention to all that came up for you in the month of July because the Universe wants you to pay attention to what you need to restructure in your life, release, and build.  You are not off the hook by any means.  However, this is all the more reason to pursue what gives you joy.  Mars is in Leo and gives great confidence to get things done.

Currently, there are a lot of planets in their rulership, which makes it much easier to get things accomplished.  The Sun is in its dignity in Leo, which is very strong and confident.  Jupiter is in its rulership in Sagittarius, and this is is how you expand and magnetize opportunities. Saturn, the planet of responsibility and karma is in its rulership in Capricorn.  Neptune, the planet of dreams, compassion, and mysticism, is in its rulership of Pisces.  This makes this new moon so opportune. 

The fact that all of the planets fall in their rulership really helps to  boost  the power of this New Moon.  It enables you to tap into some New Moon magic in the midst of a very difficult celestial storm, which goes on through the end of 2020.  It will be a long time until so many planets are in their rulership like this, so take advantage of this new moon.  Manifest, write down your intentions, dream, and celebrate!  

Venus is at 4 degrees of Leo, where Mercury initially stationed retrograde on July 7, 2019.  This could bring more information from that story — especially since Mercury stops and stations direct on July 31, 2019.  More information will be uncovered from this recent Mercury retrograde, and you will be able to proceed forward with the information you gather.  You will get more insights in the next couple of weeks until Mercury clears its shadow on August 15, 2019 when it passes 4 degrees of Leo, where it initially stationed retrograde.

Venus, the Sun, and the moon form a square to Uranus, which can bring more excitement and unpredictability.  Perhaps, opportunities come into your life out-of-the-blue.  There could be breakups with this energy and sudden beginnings.  It adds to the spontaneity and excitement of this New moon in Leo.  Venus forms a square to Uranus on August 2, 2019, and this could be stressful with relationships and finances.  It also could add to more fun if you are flexible and open.  Expect the unexpected.

The New Moon occurs on July 31, 2019 at 11:12 pm EDT at 8 degrees and 37 minutes of Leo.  Write down your intentions, dance, chant, and sing!  Bring some creative force to such a creative New Moon chart. The New Moon is a great day to do the Law of Abundance.  Take a blank check and date it for July 31, 2019.  Print out your name where it says, \”Pay to the order of,\” and then leave the small numeric box blank.  Print on the next line, \”PAID IN FULL.\” At the bottom of the check where you normally sign your name, print \”The Law of Abundance.\”  I wish you much luck and happiness!