Full Moon in Leo: Release through Love.

This has been quite a year, and it still only the beginning part of February.  We began the year with a historical pairing of Saturn and Pluto at 22 degrees of Capricorn, which is at the world axis.  This set the tone for the next 36 years of what we need to be build in our lives, and where we need to be accountable.  What we need to restore and repair; what we need to let die.

Saturn represents karma, responsibility, structure, institutions, conformity, and limits.  Pluto represents death, release, transformation, transcendence, and rebirth.  Saturn and Pluto met up within a degree of one another last April of 2019 with the South Node of Karma closely conjunct.  They had not met up in Capricorn since 1517, and this pairing of planets is similar to the judgment card in Tarot in that it is a time of reckoning.  
On April 15, 2019, Notre-Dame was engulfed in flames, and I stared in disbelief at the image on the television. It struck me how metaphoric this event was: old structures are truly collapsing, and traditional ways of doing things are becoming defunct. Restoration is needed on a mass level.  
As we entered the year of 2020, Uranus, the planet of revolt, discord, and illumination, stationed direct on the day of the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, which was on January 10, 2020.  There were no planets retrograde in the sky, and there were several planets in the Cardinal earth sign of Capricorn demanding that we commit to our lessons, rebuild, and take responsibility.  There was no time to slow down, and there was nowhere to hide.  ‘
Saturn and Pluto set the tone for the year of 2020 and for the next 36 years around government, institutions, economy, responsibility, work, leadership, and status. Many changes, shifts, exits, and redefining in those areas. In our own lives, this year could mark the beginning of big commitments to projects that we wish to launch. 

Success may not come easily, but the rewards could be lifelong.  Although Saturn briefly ventures into the fixed air sign of Aquarius from March 22, 2020 until July 2, 2020, it remains in its home sign of Capricorn until December 17, 2020.  This transit tests us, demands our best, and enables us to structure our goals and time if we heed the lessons wisely.  Saturn requires patience and moral strength —  particularly when it is in its domicile.

This month has us in a bit of a different direction. The narrative of 2020 has been so driven by action and responsibility, as Capricorn is a cardinal sign that demands that things get done!  It is an earth sign that can sometimes be perceived as cold.

Mercury is now in its shadow in Pisces.  Mercury is the planet that represents how we communicate, transport, and transmit.  Mercury is in its detriment in Pisces and is challenged because it is such an emotional placement of Mercury.  Mercury entered its shadow on February 2, 2020 when it reached 28 degrees of Aquarius, which is the degree at which it stations direct on March 10, 2020.  
Mercury retrogrades on February 16, 2020 at 12 degrees of Pisces; but, we are building up to that energy now.  A friend of mine wrote that Mercury in Pisces had her at a loss of words, but a lexicon of emotions!  I thought that was a perfect way to sum up Mercury in Pisces in light of the upcoming retrograde. 
Now is a time to process all of the heavy decisions we were forced to confront in recent months.  All of the loss.  Now is a time to slow down a bit and reflect.  In this digital age, it is imperative that we remind ourselves of empathy, emotions, fear, and mourning. Mercury retrograde in Pisces is humbling in that it it connects us all to the part inside that feels like a “lost soul.” 

While this year is essential to getting aligned with your purpose and goals, it is important to rest and restore.  Mercury remains in Pisces on and off through April 11, 2020, so this gives us ample time for feeling and reflecting.

While Mercury is in its detriment and headed for a retrograde, Venus is now in its detriment in the Cardinal fire sign of Aries.  Venus is very aggressive in Aries and tends to come off a bit too enthusiastic.  Venus remains in Aries until March 4, 2020 when it enters its home sign of Taurus.  Until then, perhaps there is an awkward beauty to these two planets being in their detriment. 

Venus in Aries reminds us of that high school crush where we tried too hard and were too obvious in our attempts.  Mercury retrograde in Pisces reconnects us with our insecurities and weakness, and what is so wrong with that?  Vulnerability and compassion can be just just as powerful as success and responsibility if viewed and managed through the proper lens.  Mercury in Pisces puts us in touch with that journey.

We prepare for a beautiful Full Moon in Leo that occurs on February 9, 2020 at 2:33 AM EST at 20 degrees of Leo.  Leo is a fixed fire sign that rules the heart.  This is a fun and passionate placement of the moon, which focuses on romance, creative expression, children, and love.  This brings some more emotion, fire, and enthusiasm to a Capricorn winter that now needs a little flair.  This is a great time to do a Full Moon ritual to honor the Full Moon in Leo.  Release what is blocking your creativity and heart.

The Full Moon chart has Sagittarius ascendant with the rising sign being at 9 degrees of Sagittarius, which is the degree of the Royal fixed star of Antares. Antares is a fixed star associated with the spirit of adventure.  Mars, the planet of activity, is at 25 degrees of Sagittarius and is in the first house of self and new beginnings. 

This full moon is meant to give us a sense of hope and faith.  It is also meant to trigger a sense of curiosity about the world and a sense of passion towards learning.   The moon itself is trine Mars in Sagittarius, which bestows a sense of hopefulness; not to mention that it is in the ninth house of the chart, which is the Sagittarius house of the zodiac.  This emphasizes the need for adventure, fun, and learning. Mars in Sagittarius also forms a helfpul sextile to the Sun in Aquarius and bestows optimism that you have the ego strength to get through the tough times.
Venus meets up with Chiron, the wounded healer, on February 10, 2020 at 2 degrees of Aries.  After this passionate full moon in Leo, this is a time to release fears about your identity when it comes to relationships.  The full moon is a time to release, and the moon in Leo is very confident and self assured.  

Chiron has been moving back and forth at the early degrees of Aries since the summer of 2018.  Venus is bringing some clarity on that story and delivers the message to embrace your flaws and love yourself.   Use this weekend to manifest with Mercury in Pisces, open your heart and honor the full Moon in Leo, and face your wounds with Chiron in Aries.

Use this Lunar Eclipse to nurture yourself and mother yourself during a time where there will be life changing events and decisions. Uranus, the great awakener, stations direct on the very day of The Lunar Eclipse Eclipse. Uranus stops and stations direct at 8:49 pm EST at 2 degrees of Taurus. This is going to make this eclipse even more intense, unpredictable, and informative!

Uranus is the planet of surprises and the unexpected. Things can change in a flash with Uranus, and it can promote brilliant thoughts. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury; therefore, with Mercury conjunct the Sun in the Solar Eclipse and Uranus direct, there will be much waking up for us on the collective and in our own lives.

Saturn and Pluto meet up on January 12, 2020 at 22 degrees of the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn. This a new story of purging what keeps you from building the life you want to manifest and launch. If you are at a crossroads, it is time to make a decision of what you want to plan, and there direction where you want to go. Very karmic responsibilities, decisions, and actions this month and year.

If you are in line with your integrity and hard work, you can build an amazing new future. Are you empowering yourself with truth and honor? You co-create with this energy. What do you wish to release, and what do you wish to construct?