Spring Equinox: Partner with a new vision

We are nearing the end of the Pisces season. The last few weeks have felt very bizarre, emotional, creative, and dreamy. The last degrees of Pisces are very difficult degrees indeed. These are the last degrees of the last sign of the Zodiac.
Pisces is a sign of endings — among other things. Bear in mind that Mercury, the planet of communication and ideas, stationed retrograde on March 5, 2019 at 29 degrees of Pisces. The Sun is now transiting at the last degrees of Pisces and triggering that painful point of the zodiac and intensifying this Mercury retrograde.
This retrograde has dug up a lot of distant memories, fears, karma, and unfinished business. It is also a time where you can reconcile these insights and revelations. Try to do so with self empathy and forgiveness for others.

There are so many shifts occurring right now, so the message is to make peace with letting go of the past. Honor the pain and the process. Sit with the feelings in order to heal; but, it is also time to start to release.
The fixed star Scheat occurs at 29 degrees of Pisces, and this is a very difficult degree. According to astrologer Bob Marks, this star has a Saturn effect. That means it is very challenging and restricting; it is also involves heavy karma.
I have talked about this a few times already in my last few articles and videos; this is a degree of misfortune. It is one that is associated with drowning, shipwrecks, murder, suicide, and challenges. It can trick you in to feeling lost and hopeless.
Neptune rules the sign of Pisces and represents the illusion. Lies and mistruths are being uncovered. However, with all of this Piscean energy, it is easy to see things through a very subjective lens. It is not hopeless, but it may be time to end certain things and to walk away.

I received a call last week from an old friend of mine whom I met in LA years ago. Let\’s call him Boston Tom. I hope he reads this because he will get the reference. He and I do not talk regularly, but we have remained in contact throughout the years. He is a very kind and gentle soul. He told me that he felt suicidal, and he felt guilty because he is so blessed. I am not able to reach him too often and have to respect his boundaries; however, I am very concerned.
Chiron, which represents our wounds and ability to heal those wounds, was recently at 29 degrees of Pisces. A lot of people have felt lost and in great pain since the beginning of the year. Chiron changed signs and entered the cardinal fire sign of Aries on February 18th, 2019. This was a big surge of energy, and it brings the pain to the world axis; but, Chiron in Aries enables people to fight for their wounds more easily. They can also be more reactive, as it is a Mars ruled sign.
This is a time to reach out to people if you feel they are in trouble. This is also a time for you to reach you out to others if you feel lost. You are not alone. Pisces rules the collective, and we are all in this together. Please do not let pride or fear stop you from being vulnerable.

Vulnerability is at a peak right now, and there is great strength and beauty in admitting vulnerability. It can also disarm people by whom you may feel threatened.
On March 20, 2019, The Spring Equinox occurs when the Sun enters 0 degrees of Aries at 5:58 pm EDT. Astrologers cast the chart when the seasons change. The chart for the Spring Equinox has Virgo Ascendant, which is a sign that likes to help others and be of service.
Neptune, which is the planet of deception, illusion, and empathy is on the angle of relationships. Lies and deception can be uncovered — particularly since Neptune is in its home sign of Pisces and is right within two degrees of a major angle.
Neptune is also conjunct Mercury retrograde in Pisces, which means a lot of secrets will be revealed in our own lives and on the world stage. The Sun is at the world axis, and this Equinox chart impacts us all. A lot of relationships will become dissolved, as Neptune dissolves things.
This is also good energy for attracting people who embrace the higher frequency of Neptune: empathy, spirituality, and selflessness. Not to mention great creativity. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and is extremely artistic.

The Sun in Aries falls in the seventh house of partnerships and is conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. This is excellent energy for dissolving your own relationship with pain and misery. You have accountability, you have strength, and you have choices. The sun in Aries is a time for a new beginning and to fight for that strength.
This is going to a very wild Spring Equinox for a few reasons. Mercury is retrograde in a weakened position in Pisces, which makes things incredibly confusing. Uranus, the planet of surprise and the unexpected, recently entered the sign of Taurus. This is bringing many changes and exits, as Uranus has not been fully in Taurus since the 1930\’s.
Uranus had a brief run in Taurus last year from May 15, 2018 — November 6, 2018. It will now remain in the fixed earth sign of Taurus for the next seven years, and this bring HUGE changes in our resources, values, our relationship with the earth, and the banking system.

The other part of this equation is that there is a Full Moon that occurs on the day of the Equinox at 9:43 pm EDT at 0 degrees of Libra. Libra is an air sign ruled by Venus. Libra represents how we partner, and how we seek balance. My feeling is that there will be huge breakups, endings, and more exits with The Full Moon at the world axis. The world axis occurs at 0 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.
The Full Moon chart has its ascendant at 29 degrees of Libra, which is a degree of endings. The Full moon is at 0 degrees of Libra, which is a degree of beginnings; but, a full moon is a time of completion and release. Uranus, the cosmic trickster, is also at 0 degrees of Taurus in the seventh house of relationships. This brings sudden shifts in partnerships.
This Spring Equinox and powerful Full Moon in Libra both pain a time where we all need to embrace huge change to make room for the huge beginnings that will also occur. Take your younger self by the hand and make peace with what was, what is no longer, and what you want to create. This may be a very sensitive time, but it is full of so many possibilities. Time to dream. Time to be vulnerable. Time to take action!