Vernal Equinox: Neptune’s tears dim the fire

Hi, Everyone,
Today is the kind of a day that I wish I could walk into a big house filled with crystals all throughout the place from top to bottom. I need to cleanse every move. Every thought. The energy is so very sensitive. It it not so much me, as I feel the collective feelings of fatigue. It is hard to get sleep. It is hard to wake up, and it is hard to relax and recharge.
It is Thursday, March 16, 2023; but, it could be March 13th or March 20th. The dates will be less significant in a different way during the Epoch of Capricorn in 2020 when you can say the clocks got locked; we got locked inside within an atemporal period in which all of the structures of the world came down completely. Time is no longer suspended, but structure is. Although 2020 was a horrific time, Saturn was in its dignity, and there were a lot of planets transiting in the Cardinal sign of Capricorn, which takes initiative and gets things done.
Saturn, the planet of structure, has recently entered the sign of the unstructured. Saturn transits in the mutable water sign of Pisces from March 7, 2023 on and off through February 15, 2026. This is a difficult cycle. This is trying to build dreams out of uncertainty. This is dealing with over three years of loss of life, dreams, and hope. Saturn is no longer in its dignity as it was when it transited in the previous signs of Aquarius and Capricorn.
California’s most famous Gold rush began on January 24, 1948. Saturn was at 11 degrees of Pisces at that time. Neptune — the modern ruler of Pisces — was at the final degree of Aquarius. Neptune is the planet, which governs dreams, imagination, fantasy, illusion, and deception. Aquarius represents the future and the infinite. For some, magic did happen! For many, it was not so much those seeking the gold, as it was the merchants selling goods and services to them that earned a profit and saw an immediate call-to-action. Saturn in Pisces could be a search for gold in vain, or it could be a golden opportunity to make your imagination pay the bills!
Saturn in Pisces frightens me because many people will feel there are no real obtainable dreams. There will be snake salesmen and saleswomen, charlatans, and frauds preying on people’s misfortunes. There will be great people like Bill Wilson, who formed Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935 during the Great Depression when Saturn was in Pisces during a very desperate and destitute time.
The organization of Alcoholics Anonymous is very symbolic of Saturn in Pisces in that the structure is fluid. There are rules, but there is no leader. Its focus is being of service to those destroyed by alcoholism and addiction. Its premise being of service to newcomers and fellow drunks seeking hope in very dim light.
Another time in history I glance upon when Saturn was in Pisces is in the mid 1960s, in which many might argue was one of the best times in music history. Saturn transited in Pisces from March 24, 1964 through May 4, 1967. At the end of 1966, the most popular song of the year was, “California Dreamin” by The Mamas and the Papas. Pisces is the sign of dreams. The second top song was “96 Tears” by ? and The Mysterians. Pisces is a sign of tears and mysteries, and this band’s choice of titles could not encapture that better!
Okay, let’s get to where we are because I could just keep sailing, sailing away on Neptune’s seas. Saturn, planet of structure, gives us no break right now as it transits in Pisces and leads us to trust our inner voice and intuition. Saturn was in Aquarius on and off from March 23, 2020 through March 7, 2023, and it is now in the sign of imagination, magic, music, smoke and mirrors, selfless love, saints and sinners. Will the real Miss Cleo please stand up?!
I woke up this morning with a drift of sadness that immediately dissipated once I opened my bedroom window and saw my tree wave to me in a happy and warm soon-to-be-spring day. The Sun met up with Neptune last night, and the fog is thick. California’s floods mirror Heaven’s tears. Mercury, planet of ideas, meets up with Neptune in Pisces on March 16, 2023 at 1:13 pm EDT. This is energy where you can absorb another person’s energy; but, it is also highly intuitive energy if you can only listen to you inner voice. It is sheer beauty in nature, music, and in the poetry of your thoughts.
Neptune weeps both for the the souls and dreams that are gone and for those that currently struggle to find light at this moment. Sanctity, solace, spirit, and surrender. These are Pisces keywords that will get you through this next month but also these next few years. This is a time to focus on addiction and mental health. The opiate and Fentanyl crisis are huge. The year did not begin with sober-curious January because people were drowning themselves in Evian water.
We have dealt with a catastrophic and tragic time in history that is unprecedented. Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac, and it is the summation of all of the preceding signs and their karmic lessons, achievements, and loss. Pisces is the twelfth sign of endings. On the higher level, Pisces, is a creative wizard. On the lower level, it is the person, who sells your ten year old child drugs. Pisces is the sign of misfits, miracles, the abandoned, the spiritual, and the groovy! There is a word to resurrect! Who doesn’t want to be groovy in such a sorrowful land? Be groovy and be contagious in spreading the love!
The Sun in Pisces clashes with Mars later at 2:10 pm EDT, and that is a showdown which has been building up for quite a while and one to which we can soon say goodbye. Mars, the planet of war, aggression, and action, retrograded on October 30, 2022 at 25 degrees and 37 minutes of the mutable air sign of Gemini. It went out-of-bounds on October 22, 2022 and is still out-of-bounds, which means that it exceeds the Sun’s path by declination and acts extra wild!
Mars in Gemini out-of-bounds has brought a lot of crazy traffic both in literal ways and metaphoric and has been especially hard to focus. It can feel like trying to get something done with ten windows open on your computer. For some, they may constantly have a few open; as long as they get to them. This is has been a time of opening many windows without following through on the substance. It finally leaves Gemini on March 26, 2023 when it enters the cardinal water sign of Cancer. It is technically in its detriment while in Cancer; but, it will slow things down a bit. Too many open windows!
Venus is at anaretic degree today at 29 degrees of Aries. Venus is in its detriment in Aries and is very aggressive and on the chase. She clashes with Pluto, the planet of power and elimination on March 16, 2023 at 3:59 pm EDT. This is quite a potent goodbye! There could be major breakups and endings with this Venus/Pluto energy on the brink of the Spring Equinox and in light of so many planetary changes!
Pluto enters the fixed air sign of Aquarius on March 23, 2023 and will transit at the very first degree of Aquarius from March 23, 2023 through June 12, 2023 when it returns to the final degrees of Capricorn. This is finishing up the Pluto in Capricorn story that began in January of 2008, and it changed the banking system forever. Pluto will be in Aquarius on and off for 20 years, and that is a HUGE deal!
I am currently taking a marketing class with tech professionals and am completely over my head. However, I think it is perfect timing to take a class that makes me stretch and is focused on using technology and marketing to streamline my business further.
Whether we like it or not, the Aquarian story is not going away. Saturn and Jupiter both met up on the Winter Solstice on December 20, 2020 at 0 degrees of Aquarius and ushered in the New Age of Aquarius and met up in the sky closer than they had been in over 800 years to usher in a vision for humanity and the collective future.
Pluto now sets that story off and helps to evolve it further; but. Pluto will be in Aquarius through January 19, 2044, so it’s just getting the party started! As I take this marketing class, I hear tech professionals talk with glee about the possibilities of Chat GPT and AI and how it can help them with instant speed to accomplish things of which they never had dreamt. As a writer, it is a very frightening concept; yet, the idea of reaching more people and bridging that gap to work with people with whom I would never meet is also exciting.
Can we bridge the disconnected, disjointed, hapless, and hopeless with entering the Pluto in Aquarius era, which will last a very long time! It is important to focus on the individual(s) as much as it is on the collective. We are all replaceable by nature’s laws, but our signature is unique and our needs, our hearts, and our dreams can not be manufactured.
Venus, the planet of love, value, resources, and talents, enters the fixed earth sign of Taurus on March 16th at 6:34 pm EDT and transits in Taurus through April 11, 2023. Venus is so sensuous, passionate, creative, and beautiful while in Taurus, which it rules and where it loves to be!
On the weekend leading to the Equinox, the Neptunian fog is very thick in spite of all of the Aries energy. Mars is now in its strength and has finally cleared its shadow from 10/30/23; but, it clashes with Mercury, planet of communication, on March 16th at 9:49 pm PDT and on March 17th at 12:49 am EDT. Bear in mind that Mars is out-of-bounds and is over the top! Mars is transiting in a sign, which rules transit so be extra mindful on the roads on the 16th and 17th of March. Also be extra careful with your words and not to speak in an impulsive way.
Mercury changes signs and enters the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries on March 18, 2023, where it will transit through April 3, 2023. This brings more fire to the sky! Communication is quick and fast. It helps as we navigate the Neptune fog!
The Spring Equinox occurs on March 20, 2023 at 5:24 pm EDT when the Sun enters the cardinal fire sign of Aries, where it will transit through April 20th when there is a Solar Eclipse! The Vernal Equinox is one of two moment of the year when the Sun is exactly above the Equator and is approximately equal day and equal night.
This ushers the Spring season in the Northern Hemisphere and the Fall Season in the Southern Hemisphere. When the Sun is in its exaltation and in Aries where it loves to be and at the world point, this is an amazing energetic opportunity to honor what the Astrological year has ahead and what the season has in store for you. Whether it is the day of the Equinox or a day within it, try to do something special to honor the tremendous burst of mojo!
This Equinox chart, I cast to Washington DC. The chart has Virgo Ascendant with its ascendant at the world point and its ruler in Aries in the house of healing, transformation, and joint resources. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is at 16 degrees of Aries in the 8th house of financial partnerships and is conjunct chiron the wounded healer. This is an excellent opportunity to work on Plutonian or Scorpionic issues around intimacy, buried wounds, fears, and blocks. This is also an opportunity to have courage to heal issues around debt and credit. Jupiter is also conjunct Vesta, which represents hearth and home and denotes a sense of security.
Venus is conjunct the North Node of Karma at 4 degrees of the fixed earth sign of Taurus in the house of higher learning, hope, optimism, travel, promotion, publishing, and publicity. Time to promote your work. Time to learn! Time to connect to what makes you happy with Venus in its dignity on the North Node of destiny. That can be a difficult aspect natally, as the Nodes can swallow up Venus; but, use this as a guide to direct you to something of meaning and value.
The Moon is in Pisces and is conjunct Neptune in the house of partnerships. Given the big planetary shifts of Saturn and Pluto in the month of March and the Neptunian energy so prominent, a lot of things are dissolving and ending forever. A lot of things are committing and beginning, too! A lot of mourning for the loss, and a lot of doubt towards what lies ahead.
There is a New Moon on the following day on March 21, 2023 at 1:23 pm EDT at 0 degrees and 50 minutes of Aries that ushers in a new beginning that we do not quite feel at the time of the Equinox in which loss is very prominent in the Equinox chart; as much as striving for hope and learning.
The New Moon in Aries says to be a courageous wounded warrior! This is a time to have courage and move ahead! The New Moon is always a great time to do the Law of Abundance. Take a blank check and date it for March 21, 2023. Where it says, “Pay to the order of, “print your full name. Where you normally print the dollar amount, print, “Paid in Full.” Where you normally sign your name at the bottom of the check, sign it with, “The Law of Abundance.” I wish you much luck! #astrology #horoscope #zodiac