Hi, Everyone,
What a switch in energy! We have all been swimming in very stormy Neptunian seas for the past five weeks or so with several planets in Pisces. Not to mention that we experienced a very powerful New Moon in Pisces on March 17, 2018, which was conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. For many, this winter has been a time of release, heavy emotions, lack of direction, sadness, exhaustion,and facing wounds.
The Spring Equinox occurred on March 20, 2018 at 12:15 pm when the Sun entered 0 degrees of the Cardinal fire sign of Aries. Suddenly, there are several planets in Aries. This changes the tone radically from sensitive and emotional to being impatient, fiery, and action oriented! Aries is an egocentric fire sign, which focuses on self.
Currently, there are four planets in Aries: The Sun, which represents our path and ego; Mercury, which represents ideas and perspective; Venus, which represents partnerships and money; Uranus, the great awakener of the zodiac.
Mars is the ruler of the fire sign of Aries, and it is currently touring in Capricorn, where it is exalted, highly ambitious, and highly productive. Mars transits in Capricorn through May 15, 2018. There is a lot of cardinal energy in the sky, and it is no longer time to hide out, tune out, and take refuge.
Mars rules impulsiveness, motors, action, anger, sexuality, and cruelty. Use this energy to get things accomplished. We are now getting centered back on the story of Saturn in Capricorn, which is what we began on December 19, 2018 when Saturn entered 0 degrees of Capricorn. With all of this Cardinal energy, time to act with intent!
March marked the first time this year that we have dealt with retrograde planets. On March 8, 2018, Jupiter stationed retrograde at 23 degrees of Scorpio, where it will be retrograde until July 10, 2018. This is time to evaluate how you can expand through purging wounds, relationships, and situations that block your growth. This is time to reconsider how you can transform and heal yourself.
On March 22, 2018, Mercury, the planet which rules transportation and communication, stationed retrograde at 16 degrees of Aries and will be retrograde through April 15, 2018 when it stations direct at 4 degrees of Aries. Mercury in Aries can be direct, unfiltered, and abrupt. It is not deceptive or confusing like it can be when it is in Pisces; but, Mercury in Aries does not exactly have a gentle touch.
This is a time when all of us could feel a lot more exasperated by things. With all of these planets in Aries, it is easy to want things done NOW. Yet Mars and Saturn are conjunct in the Spring Equinox chart, and Mars is approaching its exact conjunction to Saturn, the planet of restrictions, on April 2, 2018. This means the brakes are on, there will be road blocks, and you are going to have to wait a while to get what you want.
Mars and Saturn are both the traditional malefics, and this can induce very violent and angry behavior. It is much more important to wait things out, streamline what you need to achieve, and use the retrograde period to reevaluate how you want to present yourself, your image, and your impact.
Remember when Saturn initially entered Capricorn, there was a Cardinal New Moon in Capricorn that occurred on January 16, 2018. This was a time to set the tone for the year of 2018 for your goals, ambitions, and that which you wish to structure. Now that Mercury is retrograde, you have to review your choices and actions as to how well you have been achieving this thus far. You can revise your path, and you can return to tasks, projects and patterns you initiated in the beginning of the year if you fell off track.
Saturn and Mars conjunct in Capricorn is excellent energy for doing painstaking tasks and doing things that require a lot of patience and focus. Time to get real and bow down to Saturn. Shake the Pisces dreams out of your hair, my sweet child. Venus, the planet of money, love, and value, forms a cosmic clash with Pluto, the planet of power and manipulation, on March 23, 2018 at 7:17 pm.
There will be a lot of clashes in relationships this weekend, and there will likely be a lot of fights and miscommunication. Venus in combat with Pluto brings heavy revelations in relationships, and it can produce emotional and literal love triangles. Time to purge things and people that keep you from what you love; time to eliminate toxic behavioral patterns so that you can evolve what you love and value.
To add more fuel to the fire, Mars forms a harsh square to the Sun in Aries on March 24, 2018, and egos clash in a big way. Be careful of getting overheated. Be extra cautious on the road and when you are outside, as people will be extra explosive and reactive. Use this energy to get things accomplished.