Charge the New Moon in Aquarius with your vision for the future!

Hi, Everyone,
We are in epic times that are full of change, excitement, disruption, and the future! Pluto, the great transformer, destroyer, and planet of power, changed signs on January 20th and ingressed into the fixed air sign of Aquarius, where it will transit on and off through January 20, 2044. For the next twenty years! Pluto only transits two degrees a year, so this is a HUGE deal that Pluto has changed signs and has entered a new sign altogether.
We did get a preview for about two and a half months; but that was so fast, that none of us had time to assimilate. Now, we have plenty of time to work with the planet of change. You can expect rapid, fast and fixed change in the areas of technology, aviation, social media, the internet, ideologies; as well as a big focus on groups, finding like minded individuals, connecting with outer space and other types of life. The future is to soar to endless heights, and Pluto in Aquarius is here to remind you of that fact.
We recently experienced the Saturn return of the internet when Saturn, the planet of structure, briefly entered the sign of Aquarius from March 23rd through July 1, 2020 and again from December 20, 2020 through March 7, 2023.
Although we did see how technology and social media facilitated our journey through social isolation and unprecedented times in the pandemic, it also emphasized the alienating and detimental impact that social media can have on people of all ages. Social media is great in that it can connect us to amazing people we would never have met; but, it can have some very disturing effects on people’s anxiety, self esteem, and overall happiness. These are things we much all take into account with Pluto in Aquarius for the next twenty years.
We are building up to a very powerful, eye-opening, and electrified New Moon in Aquarius that takes place on February 9, 2024 at 5:29 pm EST and at 2:59 pm PST. This New Moon gives the New Age of Aquarius an official kick off — just two days before the Superbowl.
The Sun in Aquarius squared Uranus, the planet of upheavel, ingenuity, and disruption, on February 8, 2024 at 5:46 am EST at 19 degrees of the fixed signs of Aquarius and Taurus. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius. This can raise your anxiety, but it can also enable you to think on your feet, brainstorm, and experience sudden situations that could be interesting to pursue.
The New Moon in Aquarius occurs on February 9, 2024 at 20 degrees and 41 minutes of the fixed air sign of Aquarius. I cast the chart to Washington DC, and the chart has Leo rising, which means that the Sun in Aquarius rules the chart. Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, is at the top of the chart, in the fixed earth sign of Taurus — emphasizing the need to break out from the old and embraced fast and fixed change!
The New Moon forms a tight square to Uranus, which means that unexpected information can get uncovered — particularly because Mercury, the planet of communication, sets off Jupiter, the biggest planet. Lots of brilliant insights and information leaks.
There could be some twists and turns with this New Moon in Aquarius, but I find it very exciting. Every time a planet changes signs and enters the fixed air sign of Aquarius, it will meet up with Pluto, the planet of transformation and depth. Mercury and Pluto already had their dance; but, Mars and Venus change signs next week and will enter Aquarius — adding to the Aquarian theme of breaking free from old paradigms, connecting, learning, and ascending.
In The New Moon chart, there are four points in Aquarius: Pluto, the cosmic compost, which forcues us to eliminate the old, so that we can evolve to the new; Mercury, the planet of learning, thoughts, ideas, sales, travel, thoughts, and ideas; The Sun, how one shines and one’s identity; The Moon, which is how one gets their needs met. The New Moon in close orb to Uranus underscores the Uranian energy, and Pluto is at the very first degree, so this is a BIG deal!

Whatever you do, make some effort to manifest. No attempt is too big or too small. Get palo santo or sage to get rid of negative energy, declutter and make room for space (donating to causes would be an awesome thing to do and very Aquarian,) work with your favorite crystals to manifest, and journal our wishes and aspirations. This new moon has mercury, the planet of communication, exalted in Aquarius, where it is so brilliant, inspiring, and inspired. Mercury clashes with Jupiter and expands the ideas even further. Mercury and Pluto are conjunct at a wide orb in Aquarius and invite you to release negative thinking that keeps you stuck in the past. Time to transmute how you think, so that you can really connected with others of a high vibration!

The North Node of Fate is conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, in Aries. This speaks to having courage to fight to heal yourself and your identity. Given the Piscean and Neptunian backdrop, there will be the need for some that are stronger to stop us for those that truly cannot help themselves.

Use this New Moon in Aquarius to focus on your dreams, visions, and inspirations for this year and for the next twenty years that Pluto remains in Aquarius. Journal your fears, hopes, desires, and that for which you are GRATEFUL! Gratitude is a big part of manifesting. My favorite manifesting stone is my rock star Pyrite manifesting sphere. I will have that handy, as well as others.

The New Moon is a great time to do The Law of Abundance. Take a blank check and date it for the date of the New Moon — 2/9/24. Where it says, “Pay to the order of, ” print your full name. Leave the small numeric box on the following line blank. At the bottom of the check, where your normally sign your name, print, “The Law of Abundance.” Here’s to working with a whole new era! Pluto has not been in Aquarius since 1779. It is time to birth something new! #astrology #horoscope #zodiac